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The rapist and murderer of Indonesian Chinese lost in Indonesian presidential election


Ex-general withdraws from election

Supporters of Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto hold banners in a protest Jakarta. (AP)

Former Indonesian general Prabowo Subianto has rejected the presidential election process as “unfair” and has withdrawn from the contest as nearly complete results showed his opponent leading with 52% of the vote.

The announcement came as the Election Commission was finalising the tally of the July 9 election and preparing to declare a winner. Thousands of policemen were deployed around the commission’s building in Jakarta to maintain security after a particularly nasty presidential campaign.

Jakarta governor Joko Widodo, nicknamed “Jokowi” and known for his common man image, has maintained a slim lead of about four percentage points in unofficial “quick counts” by polling agencies released after the election.

But Mr Subianto, who has declared assets of 140 million US dollars (£82m) and is on his third bid for the presidency, has repeatedly claimed that polling firms with links to his campaign showed he was ahead.

After meeting with leaders of his coalition parties, he declared that there was massive fraud during the election and that it was undemocratic.

“We reject the 2014 presidential election which is unlawful and therefore we withdraw from the ongoing process,” Mr Subianto said. He ordered his witnesses to leave the commission building where the officials were counting votes from the final five provinces.

The presidential campaign was Indonesia’s ugliest since the Muslim majority country of 240 million emerged from the long and brutal Suharto dictatorship 16 years ago.

Supporters of both men used social media for personal attacks, and Mr Subianto’s supporters led a smear campaign against Mr Widodo, spreading unfounded rumours that he is not a Muslim.

Mr Widodo, a former furniture maker, is widely seen as untainted by the often-corrupt military and business elite that have run Indonesia for decades. He likes to wear casual plaid shirts, listen to heavy metal music and make impromptu visits to the slums.

Some 190 million people were eligible to cast ballots to choose the next president for a five-year term. It takes about two weeks to collect and tabulate votes from nearly a half-million polling stations across the country’s 33 provinces.

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MAS airlines plane down again

MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian terrorists.

People stand next to the wrecked undercarriage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was carrying 295 people. Photograph: Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty

People stand next to the wrecked undercarriage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was carrying 295 people. Photograph: Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty

Nothing I can say except condolences to the families of victims in the plane.

Two MAS 777 planes were down in less than six months is a national tragedy.

The MAS plane was intentionally shot down by Russian military to retaliate Malaysia air forces loaned the Su-30MK jet fighters to US air forces for sparring?

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300,000 ex-Filipinos are informants for terrorists


Tear down water villages does not solve the problem where insiders cohort with the terrorists to invade Sabah.

Mahathir created the problem by issuing illegal citizenship to 300,000 Filipinos and Indonesians who haunted the security of Sabah state now.

Mahathir: Move out the Sabah water villages
Joe Fernandez

Mahathir says the water villages have become the unofficial gateways into the country including for all sorts of criminal elements.

Tun mahathirKOTA KINABALU: The numerous water villages in Sabah have become high security risk zones, Dr.Mahathir Mohamad said in his blog Che Det.

“These villages must be done away with as intruders are using these places to launch attacks and as safe havens (to hide),” he wrote adding “the security forces cannot enter without placing themselves in harm’s way.”

In the most recent kidnapping incident, intruders attacked a resort on Mabul Island, killing one policemen and kidnapping another last week.

“Patrolling by security forces at sea and land cannot stop kidnappings from taking place,” said Mahathir.

“The water villages have become the unofficial gateways into the country including for all sorts of criminal elements.”

The water villages, Mahathir said, have also become eyesores as the population multiplied many times over from when they first started.

He said this has seen refuse and human faeces littering the waterfront along stretches of the long coastline.

“The inhabitants of the water villages may no longer be dependent on the sea for a living,” said Mahathir in advocating another reason why they should be resettled inland to pursue their present lifestyle away from close proximity to the sea.

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New balanced diet chart by Singapore government


Balanced diet is important for healthy body.

1/2 of food is from fruits and vegetables.

1/4 of food is from protein rich food like meat, egg, milk, tofu, nut, etc.

1/4 of food is from carbohydrate rich food like oat, bread, rice, etc.

According to the Malaysian Society of Hypertension (MSH), younger people are getting affected by high blood pressure, mainly due to poor eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.

“Hypertension affects more than 32% of Malaysians aged 18 and above, according to the fourth National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011. It is a major contributor to all cardiovascular diseases,” she told reporters at the MSH 11th Annual Scientific Meeting and public forum in Kuala Lumpur.

1/3 of Malaysian adults encounter high blood pressure problem. Are you one of them?

High blood pressure has no symptoms and is a silent killer for causing heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, etc.

Luckily I am not in the 1/3 high blood pressure group with the normal blood pressure, 70/120.

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Hawker food must be cooked by locals?

Yes, I fully agree that Malaysian hawker food must be cooked by locals to maintain its authenticity and local taste. This is especially true for Penang street food.

Instead of banning foreigners to cook the street food with legislation, I suggest Penang local government can immediately put a sticker to identify stalls staffed by local cook. Let the market forces to decide first.

local cook