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Change the old mindset

This is my first and also last letter to UMNO mouthpiece English newspapers, New Straits Times.

I had put up a challenge for Immigration Department to shorten passport application turnaround cycle from one week to one hour in a seminar.

They took seven years to make this happen, one hour to get your passport is possible by now.

Written on 09 June 2010 in KL.

NST – Nov 18, 2003

THE spot check by Pak Lah at the Immigration Department is a positive first move. As usual, the authorities are implementing quick fixes to solve the problems that were exposed, especially long queues and snail’s pace of passport processing. The official in charge has blamed it on the shortage of counters and high demand during the school holidays.

This sudden burst of efficiency from the Immigration authorities shows that they still lack a proactive solution, resourceful thinking and horizon planning.

They may not think over 500 people crammed in a hall is a problem because this phenomenon is repeated year after year.

It’s high time our public servants changed the old bureaucratic mindset and treated applicants like valued customers.

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