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Han language a.k.a. Mandarin is mother tongue for Malaysian Han Chinese.

Mandarin had been picked by the Chinese Nationalist government at about a hundred years ago as an official spoken language for Chinese.  Sice then Chinese all over the world have accepted Mandarin as their official spoken language.

I read with perplexed feeling that a NST’s author advocated that  Mandarin is not mother tongue for the majority of Malaysian Chinese.

Please do not behave like a Chinese language expert if you know nothing about Chinese language. There is only one type of written language for Han Chinese since 2100 years ago. The so-called Mandarin used in the Chinese schools are in fact a Han language with Mandarin dialect, a dialect widely spoken in Beijing.

Hokkian, Cantanese, and others are dialects spoken in certain regions in China. These dialects are NOT another alien language , they are exactly same Han language used by all Han Chinese people except being pronouced differently in different regions. For example, Kelantan Malay dialect is still a Malay language although it is spoken in different slang.

Another fact is almost all Chinese in Malaysia are Han Chinese. Chinese Han language (precise speaking, Mandarin is a wrong term used!) taught in the Chinese schools is our undisputed mother tongue.

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