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Parents’ group: A voice for rural parents as well

By : NOOR AZIMAH ABDUL RAHIM, Chair, Parent Action Group for Education Kuala Lumpur

WITH reference to the letter from Balan Kumar on the teaching of Science and Maths in English (“Let’s all vote on the use of English” — NST, Dec 12), the Parent Action Group for Education (Page) wishes to clarify that we do not just represent parents who have children in urban schools but also parents and teachers from all states (including rural areas) who are in favour of the current policy.

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How many members in PAGE?  100 or 10 million members?  A few parents called up PAGE is considered a reliable sample from a popluation of several million parents in the rural or urban?

MCA with a million members still cannot claim that they are representating the whole Malaysian Chinese poplulation.

This is how some Bolehland intellectuals make themselves a laughing stock without the backing  of statistics.

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Zilla says:

Let the school decides whether they favour English or BM/BC/BT to teach Sc and Math. This is fairer to many. It’s true that we need to consider those studying in the rural areas but at the same time we shouldn’t hamper those who are able to cope well with English especially the urban school students. The country needs to progress. Therefore, those who are able to move forward has to proceed first and the rest should follow later. Why must we wait for everybody to be of the same level? If we do that, the development of the country will surely suffer. Please take into consideration the feelings of the urban students. They are already comfortable with PPSMI. Reverting to BM is indeed a very frustrating decision to accept.