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Super-fast Virgin broadband will require deep pockets

Other countries already advancing into 50 or 100 MBps speed, but we Bolehland with TMnet (a.k.a. TMnut) monopolized in broadband business is still showcasing 1 or 2 MBps.

Note: TMnut is a term coined by me in the soc.cul.malaysia forum at about ten years.

By Tim Bradshaw

Consumers will have to pay at least £46 a month for Virgin Media’s new super-fast broadband service, which offers more than double the speed of its closest rivals, the cable operator announced yesterday.

Today, about 1.5m Virgin Media customers can upgrade to 50 megabits-per-second broadband, which allows hour-long TV shows to be downloaded in a minute. By the end of the year, it plans to have 40 per cent of its network, which currently serves 12.6m homes, online with the new service, with the rest completed by summer 2009.

Enders Analysis, a research group, said customers should expect to experience about 75 per cent of the advertised 50MBps speed. Its nearest rivals offer up to 24MBps. But the UK still lags South Korea, France and Italy, where speeds of 100MBps are becoming available.

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