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Pak Lah: NEP No Longer In Existence

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi emphasised that the New Economic Policy is no longer in existence today.

“The NEP is a policy which is no longer in existence. The objective of this policy has been to eradicate poverty, as you all know.”

He said during an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily at his private residence in Kuala Lumpur that the way the NEP was implemented had triggered the dissatisfaction among many people, including some Malays, adding that Malaysians needed a more transparent policy and open market.

He said, according to the UN Millennium Development Report, Malaysia is one of the countries that have drastically reduced the poverty rates. Nevertheless, the media have hardly reported on the country’s success in reducing poverty.

“If you want to show the country’s poverty in order to overthrow the government, or make the people very angry with the government, you can always show this kind of pictures on the TV every day. You can show the pictures of people lacking food supply, but that will be very unfair to the government, for the country’s overall poverty rate has dropped!”

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Dr. Mahathir changed the NEP name to the National Development Plan (NDP) in 1990, subsequently to the National Vision Plan (NVP) .

Nothing change in NEP except its name, it’s true NEP is no longer in existence on paper, but how many Malaysians believe Pak Lah’s white lie?

UMNO politicians think that non-bumis are damn stupid to accept “face value” calculation for today’s wealth hold by Malaysians and foreigners.

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