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Another anti-BN Chinese veteran was brought down through character assassination plot

Educationist quits after ‘scandal’

KUALA LUMPUR: A prominent Chinese educationist has quit all his posts following rumours of a scandal.

Chinese newspapers yesterday reported that Loot Ting Yee announced his resignation as adviser to both the Lim Lean Geok (LLG) Cultural Development Centre and Jiao Zong (United Chinese School Teachers Association) after alleged inappropriate behaviour towards a girl. The alleged victim, a reporter from the Chinese media, had made the claim in her blog.

But rumours alleging the retiree’s inappropriate behaviour had been rife for years due to his relationship with young girls whom he regarded as his kei loi (god-daughters).

In a statement to the Chinese press yesterday, Loot, who is in his 70s, said he would resign from all posts immediately and would not make any more public appearances.

He said he was close to his kei loi but the relationships were strictly that of “father-and-daughter”. He said he was unaware his affectionate gestures would be misinterpreted and apologised to anyone he had offended.

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Another anti-BN veteran was brought down through the character assassination.

Mr. Loot is an old man frow my hometome with a perfect reputation for at least in the kampong. He was accused of having “over intimate” behavior when he met up with young ladies since he was a school teacher in KL, that was 30 plus years ago. Nothing bad about him was exposed for last few decades until recently means the consipracy theory is likely true.

He played an active role in Pakatan Rakyat to bring down BN 2/3 supremacy in the parlimant has made him a political target to be eliminated at whatever cost by BN.

Without Mr. Loot lobbying for Chinese community to support PR in the coming Terengganu by-election, MCA stands a better chance to pursue Chinese to back BN.

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