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Why Hudud law cannot be accepted?

PAS challenges DAP to give its reasons

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS, in its push to have hudud laws introduced if the opposition coalition takes power, has upped the ante on its partners by challenging the DAP to give its reasons for its objections.

The call for DAP to explain why it objected to hudud laws was made by its spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

“If they (DAP) refuse to accept the laws, they must state their reasons why they cannot accept it.

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The hudud law is unchanged since the Prophet Muhammed’s days, many of its punishments are considered cruel, inhuman and impractical for the lifestyle of modern day.

For instance, amputation on a thief is creating another social problem, the society has to support a handicapped person who has lost his/her normal ability to find job.

Stoning is like torturing a person to death slowly.

Besides, hudud law is implemented under the name of Allah, which is not accepted by non-Muslims for against their faith.

The hudud law only for Muslims is a lie. In a “pure” muslim nation, hudud law is applied for all citizens, regardless of your religion.

The argument of hudud law is only for Muslims is just a lie to bait Malaysia non-Muslims to support PAS.

You are trapped and have hudud law applies on you if PAS wrests control of this country. PAS regime will then abolish our secular democratic system for another bullshit of saying that democratic system is against the islamic law.

Don’t believe what I say, see how islamic law is implemented in Iran and Saudi Arabia. In Iran, ulamak council is like the communist politburo with absolute power and above the parliament. The council is not elected by the people, but decided by the ulamaks themselves.

Sorry to say that communist regime and islamic nation are like “adik-beradik” or mirror images, both are authoritarian regimes.

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