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A petty handout to Chinese vernacular schools

RM200mil boost for government-aided institutions

PETALING JAYA: All government-aided schools will benefit from the RM200mil allocation under the Government’s stimulus package.

The amount is the highest thus far for such schools in the country. However, not all schools will be given the same amount.

“Priority for more funds would be given to schools that are old and lacking in facilities, in unsafe conditions and those that have not received allocations before,” said Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein in a press statement.

He said the funds would be distributed in the first week of the 2009 school term.

Each type of school (Chinese or Tamil, religious or mission) will receive RM50mil each.

“The method in which funds would be channelled to SJK (C) is through the schools’ board of directors, SJK (T) through the Public Works Department, religious schools through the Education Ministry and mission schools through the ministry and in cooperation with the schools’ board of directors,” he said.

Under the Government’s recent RM7bil stimulus package, govern-ment-aided schools were allocated an additional RM200mil on top of the initial RM100mil under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

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The development budgets allocated for national and national-type (Chinese) primary schools are 4598 million and 170 million respectively under the 9th Malaysia Plan. In percentage point, the national primary schools get 95% whopping share while Chinese schools only get 3.6% handout.

Shall I teach the basic mathematics to Hishammuddin in English? Yes, 25% of Chinese schools are allocated merely 3.6 % of development fund is a racial policy from BN government.

What is the best weapon to cripple Chinese schools? By cutting off money flow to Chinese schools is the most effective way to kill Chinese schools naturally and slowly. The Chinese schools can survive because Chinese Malaysians have to fork out their own money to fill up the deficits.

Ironically Khairy complimented Chinese people love to donate money to schools! !

If you are passing by a small town, Panchur in Muar Utara, you will see a modern concrete building of a Malay school at one side and a wooden hut typed of Chinese school at another side of the road.

This Chinese school was in the hot news when Ong Tee Keat exposed the JKR corruption scandal.


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