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Boycott US dollar and products, says Dr M

PUTRAJAYA: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday slammed the United States for being the main driving force behind Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians.

Calling for citizens of the globe, including the Muslim states, to boycott American products and the use of the US currency, Dr Mahathir said the power to cripple Washington lied solely in the people’s hands and not their governments who were “scared stiff” of Uncle Sam.

“The US dollar has got nothing to back it… and the only reason that it is still being used is because people still accept the dollar as legal tender.

“If people stop using the US dollar, the US cannot make any money. It will then be very poor and it will have to stop its production of more and more weapons to kill people.

“That is how the US uses its money and people who use the dollar are actually contributing towards the manufacture, invention and production of weapons to kill.”
He also called on countries to reduce their trade with the US.

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US is actually in bankruptcy long time ago with its trillion of debt. The issue is the world enonomy is closely tied to zero value green back and green back devaluation to worthless paper will destroy the current world trade system.

US is holding the world to ransom, you either to accept worthless green back or sink together with them like the Titanic.

Dr. Mahathir also forget that most turbojet engines used in our commercial airliners are also made by American, he may have to use our locally made wooden sampan to travel abroad if we boycott US dollars and products.

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