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Greedy is the enemy of mankind

RM1.9m Sabah SMS rip-offs

Kota Kinabalu: Short Messaging Service (SMS) scammers managed to fleece close to RM1.9 million from victims throughout Sabah since 2006.

One of them was bold as to even try his luck on Sabah Commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim.

Noor said about RM29,000 was lost in 2006 while RM1.8 million went into the pockets of these conmen the following year alone.

“We recorded 23 SMS scam cases in 2006 and 65 cases in 2007. The figures reduced to 27, involving losses amounting to RM61,000 in 2008,” he disclosed, Wednesday.

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The reported cases are just a tip of the iceberg, many victimes are too shy to admit that they are also cheated.

No panacea for this problem because greedy is an intrinsic value of the humankind. These people may have to be more religious to insulate their own greedy.

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