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5-star rating for a ministry who issued unfair and unjust highway contracts to UMNO cronies

Works Ministry first to get 5-star rating

KUALA LUMPUR: The Works Ministry became the first and so far only ministry to score five stars under the Star Rating System conducted by the Malaysian Administrative and Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu).

The ministry’s secretary-general Datuk Seri Dr Abdul Munit Kasmin said Mampu had given the ministry a score of 92.18 out of a possible 100 during last year’s evaluation.

This placed it above the Housing and Local Government and the Education ministries which were second and third with scores of 89.62% and 89.08% respectively.

Five stars are given for ministries that score above 90%, while four stars are given to those which score between 80% and 89.9%.

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NKKhoo says,

More corrupted ministry gets more stars rating, this is something only can happen in this hopeless Bolehland ruled by a corrupted BN government.

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