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Another suggestion to DPM Dato’ Najib: Malaysia is too depend on low skill foreigners

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dear YB Dato’, I am from a small town in Muar and my trip back home now is an eye opening discovery, that is more foreign workers than the whole population in a new village. We need foreingers who can bring in management and technical skills to our country, but not cheap labors who take away job opportunity for our low income group. At least Malaysian government SHALL tighten the grip of control on foreign workers to allow a certain percentage only a factory or a company is permitted to recruit them.

I suggest a maximum quota of 50% foreign worker is capped to force local companies to employ more local workers.

These below sentences were blocked by Najib’s blog.

I have to lodge a police report for  a thievery case in my kampong house, the incident is suspected to be committed by foreign workers from an Asean country.

Besides, these foreign workers are also insensitve to local cultures, many dogs, cats and chickens are missing after influx of foreign workers to my kampong.

The Star has quoted my suggestion 🙂 <>

The country’s dependence on foreign workers were also mentioned by NKKHO and he suggested that there should be a cap on the number of foreign workers a company could hire to provide more job opportunities for the lower-income group.

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