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It’s our fault to invite sultans to mingle in our politics

Why many rakyat believe Sultan Azlan is wrong?

No doubt, Sultan Azlan Shah is a highly respected sultan unlike others.

As a good sultan, he should not accept political defectors’ new promise in supporting BN.

These defectors were “angkat sumpah” before him at 11 months ago. How can Sultan Azlan Shah so forgetful about this?

What were happen if these defectors change their minds again?

The political correct way is to dissolve state assembly and call a snap election. Or at least let “wakil rakyat” tables a no-confidence motion against Nizar.

Double standards in the opposition camp

There are many opposition supporters turned blind when Anwar planned to take over center government through “katak” defection.

Anwar 916 plan is wrong morally, this bad thing shall not be used to justify Perak debacle is right as Najib proudly said yesterday.

Both Anwar and Najib should be condemned for raping our democracry system for their own political mileage.

I have also criticized oppositon parties to drag royal families into politics in the past, now the rakyat pay the price for loosening tigers into jungle. The sultans have reclaimed “absolute power” due to our own fault.

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