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UMNO, don’t confuse Malaysians again. We all love Perak Sultan, but merely disagree with his decision on sacking Menteri Besar

Gagasan Melayu only can get 1000 people (most likely are Pekida gangsters from outside of Perak) in their gathering on “taat setia kepada sultan Perak”. This sluggish response shall give us a clue on how upset many Perakians and Malaysians against Perak Sultan.

It’s still not too late for Sultan Perak to summon all ADUNs and call an emergency meeting in the state assembly to decide who is real Menteri Besar.


UMNO Youth website claimed 5000 people attended their gathering in Ipoh.

I shall teach monkeys how to count numbers. Many main stream newspaprs reported about 500-1000 people only were present.

Demonstration in Kuala Kangsar

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Blog Owner says:

I have read the Sultan mind clearly in my previous posting. His inner heart is still as “racist” as this commentor.

The Malay ultras like Najib fails to get support from the majority of Perakians of Malay, Chinese and India, then he launched a coup with C4 threat, money and extortion against ADUNs and Sultan as well.

panji2 hitam says:

Malays in Perak will not go against The Sultan of Perak…Its just Pakatan Rakyat is not for us….Malay will always rule the state of Perak not otherwise…..NOT PKR or PAS put aside DAP (a new version of communist)