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Who is the most hated woman in the Chinese community?

The answer is Hee Yit Fong.

Hee Yit Fong

Hee Yit Fong

Only those Chinese political parties asking for trouble will accept her as a member. There is no way she can be re-elected in any electorate dominated by the Chinese.

For many Chinese like me, she is a traitor to Chinese community and a hero to UMNO ultra Malays.

Jelapang voters cursed her to death

Jelapang voters cursed her to death

There is a prankish mourning website for her. Anyway, I condemn this sort of deplorable prank.

To Malaysian Chinese who are behaving like Red Guard Army in the China Cultural Revolution, Madam Hee is just a chess manipulated by Najib and his gangs.

Those resorting to personal attacks against a physical disabled politician and not dare against her mastermind are cowardly donkeys.

Even Madam Hee is not defected to BN, BN still got one seat majority than PR with two PKR assemblymen crossed over to BN. Madam Hee is a racial card to implicate ultra Malay UMNO is still being supported by the Chinese community.

Madam Hee should be condemned for jumping ship, but Malaysian Chinese let don’t be so childish to build a virtual memorial for her. This kind of cultural immaturity shall not be copied from the Red Guard Army.

Do you want to show the world that Malaysian Chinese are like mob in the China Cultural Revolution or 1989 Jakarta Riots?

Do you want to show the world that Malaysian Chinese are like mob in the China Cultural Revolution or 1989 Jakarta Riots?

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ken says:

Hi, i just like to tell one thing only lar!

Fuck off from 許月鳳紀念館
What do u mean act like communist? Do u know what is communist? jackass!

I do not display commentor’s email and IP openly except for uncivilized beast. This coward is with, from IP

This kind of rude behavior against Hee or anyone in internet is something to do with his inferior unbringing issue by his parents.

Blog Owner says:

I recall Chiang Kai Sek also believed his Nationalist government should cleared out the communist party first when Japanese Imperial Army already inside China.

Luckily his generals revolted and changed his policy to fight against a common external enemy first.

The Dude says:

Yes, he does deserve a memorial. So did the other traitors.

Q : But why her?
A : She’s not a malay. She’s a chinese. She betrayed her own people. Her excuses are lame. They are a whole lot of bull s***.

Before we bring down the enemies, we must get rid of the enemy within first.

Blog Owner says:

There are another two traitors from PKR which have causing the fall of PR government. Why Perakians especially the Chinese not erecting virtual memorials for them?

Najib is the mastermind for this plot, by right he reserves a biggest memorial than Madam Hee.

Why all the angers and personal attacks only focusing on Madam Hee alone?

I see Chinese people have a traditional habit, only take the weak target and let the strong one intact.

The fire power shall be on Najib, an ultra Malay leader who wanted to kill Chinese with his blooded kris in a gathering in 1987.

The Dude says:

How could anyone show pity for her? She betrayed all the people who have trusted her and voted for her. She prostituted herself when she became a “BN friendly” independent.

So what if she was manipulated? Served her right for being so easily manipulated. What disabled politician? Her legs are NOT her disability. Her disability is not being able to differentiate right and wrong. Her disability is being immoral. Her disability is being a liar and traitor to the people who had trusted her.

She should have seen this coming the day she decided to be a “running dog” of the chinese community. As the chinese proverb goes : CAN EAT SALTED FISH, CAN STAND THIRST !!!

All the chinese in Perak have the rights to be angry and disappointed.