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Nizar still does not know why he was sacked by the Perak sultan…let me explain why?

In Chinese: 否认民联政策招致皇室不满 尼查不知为何遭霹苏丹罢黜

Let me tell Nizar why he was sacked.

1. PR freehold title policy for new villages is deemed invading “ketuann melayu” territory as Khairy summed it up, “Chinese and Indian get out from the Malay land.

2. PR excos are dominated by non-bumis, sultan under the influence of ultra Malays feels uncomfortable with “alien” government.

3. Penang PR government was offending Gamuda which is controlled by the princess of Perak royal family.

4. Najib is using carrot and stick to influence sultan.

5. Sultan is flexing his muscle against a weak government chosen by the rakyat.

6. UMNO and Sultan ganged up to launch a judiciary coup as what the Thai King did in Thailand.

7.  BN is too afraid to face rakyat in another by-election, making use of Sultan to change Perak government is a less risky path.

8. God knows why!

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