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Chinese and Indian evil taukeh are controlling Malaysia with money

Last GE: Arnanda, the boss of Maxis donated three hundred million to BN for campaign funds.

Perak coup: Vincent Tan, the boss of Berjaya paid RM 15 million to DAP Hee Yit Foong to crossover to BN. Another three PKR monkeys and UMNO spy also paid handsomely.

Kedah coup: A hundred million is budgeted to topple Kedah PR government.

Selangor coup: Elizabeth Wong’s Malay boy friend was hired by “someone” to take her nude photos.

Penang coup: Lim Guan Eng is under hit list.

Do we want Malaysia be bought over with money from Chinese and Indian bosses through the dirty hands of UMNO?

If you love this country, let stand up and fight back with all means before this country is falling into evil hands like Jewish people are controlling America with their money.

First thing you can do is unsubscribe Maxis and uMobile controlled by Arnanda and Vincent Tan. My handphone line is from Digi and 3G line is from a poor service company, Celcom. Besides, I have boycotted any product and service from Berjaya Group since a few decades ago

The comment board with Facebook account.
I am idiot says:

First of all the DIGI line u using are OWN BY VINCENT TAN! MORON!!!!

This racist idiot is still living in 80s before Digi was sold to Norwwgian company.

uMobile is renting Celcom 3G line for their nonsense 3G package.