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The boss pays the price for hire an illegal worker

The Chinese nationals are not in the approved recruitment list, obviously the boss has violated the immigration law.

Fired from his job, man shoots dead ex-boss

KAJANG, Feb 18 – Upset at being fired, an expatriate fired back — apparently with a home-made gun — and killed his ex-boss.

In what is probably the first case of its kind in Malaysia, police said the disgruntled Chinese national walked into his former employer’s office this morning at a factory here and opened fire at close range before fleeing.

The Chinese man’s boss, Yap Soo Yen, 41, died on his way to hospital from his injuries.

Kajang district police chief Shakaruddin Che Mood said the suspect, who has not been named, was later arrested at his home nearby.

He said police recovered a home-made pistol from the man’s home.

Shakaruddin said the suspect had been working at the rubber-moulding factory for the past two months.

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