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Wong’s nude pix scandal : Toyo, what wrong if I’m sleeping nude in my home?

There are more questions for PKR and Anwar to answer and unlock the mysteries.

Q1: The dirty work of BN conspiracy? We need the proofs from PR on this theory.

Q2: Why she has to resign and hide in overseas IF she did nothing wrong legally and morally? The fact is more than 90% of English speaking Malaysians in a TV7 poll said Elizabeth Wong should stay.

Q3: There is an allegation on Elizabeth Wong’s private life is so colorful. A prominent politician and a Malay activist are said to have initimate relationships with her. PKR has to rebut this allegation conclusively. Legal threat will not stop this allegation from spreading in the internet.

A thin line crossed for Eli Wong


Fear of more embarrassing pictures from politician Elizabeth Wong’s private life being exposed to the public led the PKR leader to the difficult decision that it was better for her to go.

THERE has been a fantastic wave of sympathy for PKR politician Elizabeth Wong since photographs of her in an intimate situation began circulating.

Images of the tearful politician splashed on the front pages of all the newspapers only intensified empathy for her plight.

Wong, known as “Eli” among her PKR colleagues, had made news for all the right reasons when she won the Bukit Lanjan state seat in the general election.

She was seen as the sort of woman politician who might help to change the face of Malaysian politics.

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The photos and videos are stored in her computer?? If the Star reporting is true, obviously she aware of such materials in her possession.

UMNO maybe evil, but I believe they are not blackhand for this scandal. Based on all information available insofar, I believe

1. It’s PKR own people and housing project businessmen are toppling Eli.

2. The photos were taken with Eli’s knowledge.

3. Not her ex-boy friend distributing the photos.

More details are slowly come out to reveal the truth of this scandal.

Those people who blindly to condemn BN or UMNO shall be more rational. PR with fanatic supporters is no different with BN.

Toyo: Wong must quit

However, Selangor opposition chief Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo said Wong must relinquish all her positions.

“This is a moral issue and Malaysians cannot accept leaders with moral issues and so she must vacate her state assembly seat.

“Let the people decide and if they still want her they can vote her in again or vote for someone else if they don’t want her to represent them anymore,’’ said Dr Mohd Khir.

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The culprit is those distributing nude photo of Elizabeth Wong or Toyo taken from the private house.

Who can access her private room to take nude photos? Either her ex-boy friend or peeping tom. Her boy friend is named Hilmi, a main suspect in this scandal.

Face book:

Face book:

She claimed she did nothing wrong in law as a single woman, which I agree with her. But IF the nude pictures were taken by Hilmi,  there is a “khalwat” offence for Hilmi in sharing a private room with her.

In morality wise, an unmarried woman has “intimate contact” with a male is still wrong.

According to, Elizabeth Wong is going to tender her resignation from the exco and state assembly seats.

BN asking for by-election, just do it to fulfill their will, and let the voters teach BN another lesson. This is another way to drain off BN resources from toppling PR state government in four states.

Elizabeth Wong resignation is just another “sandiwara” or drama to bait sympathy, she will stay on as Selangor exco and ADUN at the end of the day.

Why I say this? My post to praise her resignation in her blog was deleted.

Curiosity is our strength and weakness, those netizens looking for her nude photos may be disappointed to expect Japanese nude photo quality. Maybe more will be leaked out IF she stays on as exco and ADUN.

She was asleep indicated she was unaware peeping tom was snaping photos.

She was asleep?

This photo is intentionally cropped.

This photo is intentionally cropped.

The BN or PR conspirator has miscalculated that she draws more symphathy than condemnation. For instance, Nik Aziz, an ultra conservative did not condemn her for her private life leaked out to public.

Another Boleh top news for Malaysia, but for the wrong reason. 271 news links for Elizabeth Wong’s nude pictures scandal is impressive.


Another side of the story from a commentor in the MalaysiaInsider, use your own intelligence to interpret it.

p/s: The original comment was deleted also. The archive by google is here

There are more blogs carry the story, use the google to search “inside story of Elizabeth Wong”.

Real Story of Elizabeth Wong’s Nude Pic Scandal written by Killer, February 18, 2009

This repost message was deleted as per request from Tian Chuan because his name is mentioned. I remove it for the respect given to Tian Chuan, not because of the legal threat.

As a public figure, I hope Tian Chuan issues a media statement to deny this allegation instead of a legal threat against bloggers or online newspapers.

He blamed The Malaysian Insider is pro-UMNO after only a comment revealing an untold side stroy about Elizabeth Wong, but many comments there are anti-UMNO as you read them all carefully.

In Chinese: 針對“馬來西亞局內人”網站,刊登有讀者指蔡添強與黃潔冰曾有親密關係的留言時,蔡添強說,此網站是親巫統網站,因此任何意見當然也都是親巫統。

PR always condemns BN for restricting freedom of speech, but they are the one using legal tool to silent dissenting views. The crux of story is hypocrisy and evil come from both sides.

I do not see these two nude pix are too damaging unless there are more pictures and videos to be released soon. Why she tendered resignation for exco and assemblywoman posts is a million dollar question?

Politics is art of impossibility, anything is possible if we know the truth behind the scene.

Please beware some comments (at least three of mine) in Elizabeth Wong’s blog were deleted to give impression that the whole world is supporting her immoral behavior in premarital intimate relationship.

If an unmarried woman like Elizabeth Wong wants to enjoy sexual life, she either get married legally or accept premarital sexual intercourse is an immoral behavior.

Elizabeth Wong pix: Cops close to solving case

PETALING JAYA: The gadget used to take scandalous photographs of Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong while she was sleeping has been identified, as has the time and location they were taken.

It is believed police wanted her boyfriend Hilmi Malek to return from a neighbouring country to give a statement.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Wong’s boyfriend, who is a Muslim, can be charged for zina (unlawful intercourse) or khalwat (close proximity) in a Syariah Court if she confesses to the relationship.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, meanwhile, will have an audience with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor next Wednesday to brief him on the matter and seek his guidance.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has denied any Barisan Nasional involvement in the circulation of the photographs.

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As a public figure, her private life will be scrutinized by the society as well. Those condone her liberal lifestyle shall teach their daughter goes sleep with any man she likes.

Elizabeth issued another media statement saying she is leaving Malaysia for a break and insist to hold on her resignation from both exco and ADUN posts.

Dear friends,

I have departed today.

Despite having tendered my resignation from all posts, the media and websites continue to intrude into my private life and privacy. I have been informed by several media that they will continue to publish even more lewd graphical, sensational stories of my private life. I have also been told there will be a fresh assault, with more photographs and videos released and circulated in order to completely degrade and bury me.

This is the darkest episode in my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated. I need to rest and to search for peace of mind to get away from the stormy events surrounding me.


The comment board with Facebook account.
2nd class says:

I like your analysis. Pakatan supporters will justify anything as long as to thier benefit. Politician either from PR or BN cannot be trusted. If Eli is indeed innocent, why should she resign, there must be more juicy pictures and video on the way.

DD says:

What nude pictures is the whole of Malaysia talking about? I don’t see any naked flesh except an arm, just like any women wearing a tank top. Just go to bondi beach.. or any western beaches .. lots of perfect gorgeous gals and guys .. big and small , young and old wearing almost down to nothing and its practically normal with no hooo haaa. Only a backward narrow minded country like Malaysia making such silly allegations over nothing when many countries are on the brim of economic depression

You have to search from adult site for photo exposing her private part. I say nothing shame for her if the photos were snapped by a peeping tom.

Anyway, conservative fraternities already condemn her for premarital intimate relationship.

chinaman says:

If what you revealed is correct then She is a only another high-end prostitute.

So Datuk Khir Toyol scored the Bull-eye, Syabas Datuk !

I salute you Datuk !

Keep up your good work to weed out all these shameless and despicable scums from Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Throw the Books on them ! Whip them !
Put them behind bars to stop them from poisoning our youths’ mindset.

Khir Toyo was in re-marriage scandal. Najib was caught red-handed with an underaged girl in Port Dickson in 90s. Pak Lah also not clean as many like to believe, Malaysia number one smuggler is his close friend.

The only difference is Bolehland mainstream media covered up all bad stories done by BN politicians.

I do not trust our politicians regardless they are from BN or PR.

McGarmott says:

Dude, I fear you are being far too egotistical about your post being deleted.

Time will proof everything. A politician is still a politician regardless he/she is from BN or PR.

If you see a snake and a politician, lash the politician first.