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Stop eating shark fin soup!

Ban shark finning activities: Council

Semporna: The Semporna Tourism Action Council (STAC) has proposed that a ban be placed on shark fishing and finning activities in Sabah to protect the State’s diving industry.

Responding to reports that divers are threatening to boycott the State if such activities continue, the council which was initiated in October 2007 to ensure that sustainable tourism development, marine conservation and environmental protection are in place in the district, said sharks were an important tourist attraction for divers.

A national daily had on Feb 16 reported that shark finning activities have being going on for several years at the Ligitan island group area and apparently that has upset divers.

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Let’s stop eating shark fin soup, but it’s not easy to do for such a delicious soup. In many occasions I have to resist very strong temptation from my inner heart to eat shark fin soup again in the Law Yat Plaza.

Our government shall totally ban the sale of sharp fin products, otherwise it’s like no smoking campaign with a plenty of cigarettes available to anyone.

How many sharks are killed for fins?

In the end the researchers concluded that from 1996 to 2000 26 to 73 million sharks were traded yearly. The annual median for the period was 38 million—nearly four times the UN estimates but considerably lower than those of many conservationists.


In year 2008, it’s believe that more than 100 million sharks are killed for fins. Chinese people are main culprits for the extinction of sharks in the ocean.

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chinaman says:

Make it an offense to sell shark fin and shark fin soup to protect the sharks and prevent the eaters from getting cancer too.