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Police brutality on A. Kugan

Source: RPK

Source: RPK

View Dr Prashant’s 12-page post-mortem report here

MMC urged to probe 2 autopsy results

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Medical Council has been urged to launch an immediate investigation into the differing post-mortem results conducted on the remains of A. Kugan.

The Bar Council singled out pathologist Prof Dr Abdul Karim Tajuddin of Serdang Hospital who had carried out the first autopsy which stated that Kugan died of pulmonary oedema or fluid in the lungs.

The second post-mortem, conducted by University Malaya Medical Centre pathologist Dr Prashant N. Samberkar revealed that Kugan died of kidney failure caused by muscle injury that might be attributed to physical, chemical or biological factors.

The Bar Council felt there was an attempt to cover-up and protect the members of the police force in the case. Its vice-president Ragunath Kesavan said the second autopsy result on Kugan raised several serious questions.

“The fact that the second autopsy result differed so extensively from that of the first smacks of an apparent attempt to cover-up or protect members of the police force who were in charge of Kugan during his detention,” he said.
Ragunath also questioned the police’s expose of Kugan’s alleged wrongdoings which are “totally irrelevant to the cause of his death”. He charged that the information released to the public only served to cloud and divert attention away from the brutal manner of Kugan’s death in police custody.

Ragunath said any further delay in determining the truth behind Kugan’s death would undermine public confidence in the law enforcement agencies in general and the police in particular. He added although Kugan was arrested on suspicion of having committed a crime, he was nonetheless entitled to the full protection of the police pending a proper investigation and any consequential court proceedings.


That Malay doctor is lacking professionalism and tried to cover up for his own “people”.

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