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Hide your IP IF you want to make sensitive comments against sultans

Couple charged with insulting Ruler

KUALA TERENGGANU: A couple was charged in the Sessions Court here yesterday with two counts of posting unsavoury comments on the website of the Sultan of Perak’s office with the intention of offending others.

Businessman Fuad Ariff Abdul Rashid, 35, and his wife, Fatimah Maisurah Abdullah, 34, a lawyer, were alleged to have knowingly posted the comments on which has links to the website of the Sultan’s office at

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You are not anonymity online actually, your ISP log in IP reveals who you are.

Check this website to know what I mean.

For those people are charged under MCMC act, there is an important defence for you, challenge the police to prove you are “100% real user” for the IP and your internet account.

Alternatively, use tor network to hide your IP from being detected by the police when you want to express sensitive comments against sultans or any powerful and corrupt politicians.

Download a tor browser here

The comment board with Facebook account.
ICE says:

Try anonymous server…

tor network is anonymous network/servers

Shukri says:

You may change your MAC address anytime. Feel free to be anonymous.

Kamal says:

u just can 70% only protect your IP address from those guys (MCMC, Cybersecurity or else) but still get 30% loopholes for them to trace u.
BTW, they also can trace your MAC address. so, where can run??
U just safe when u surf abroad…

They can track you connecting to tor netwrok, but they still lack of direct evidence saying you are the one posting the seditious remark. You are safe from the rule of law aspect.