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This poor guy from Muar wanted to teach a master, it just make himself a joker….

Pray tell what the religious leader did for Buddhists?

I AM really shocked by the Dalai Lama’s claim that Tibet is now “Hell on Earth”.

Firstly, how could a supposedly respected religious leader tell such blatant lies without any fact to back him up? When was the last time he visited Tibet?

Secondly, as a Buddhist, I know there is no such thing as Heaven and Hell in Buddhism. Heaven and Hell are beliefs in Christianity and some other religions. So, since when did he embrace Christianity?

Buddhists believe in the rims of existence, reincarnation, the Law of Karma and impermanence. As Buddhists, we continuously try to accumulate good Karma by doing good deeds so that we may reincarnate into higher rims of existence and ultimately attain Buddhahood so that we may go to the Western Paradise or Nirvana for eternal peace.

Buddhists, and all the more, professed Buddhist religious leaders are supposed to be indifferent to all worldly and material things.

The Dalai Lama seems to be obsessed with all things Western and the seeking of glamour and glory such as receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and meetings with prominent Western leaders.


Muar, johor.

This poor guy from Muar did visit Tibet to see himself the religious persecution by the communist on Tibetans?

A rebuttal from a reader

The Dalai Lama’s ‘Hell on Earth’ claim is just that

I REFER to the letter ”Pray tell what the religious leader did for Buddhists?” (The Star,March 18) which says that Buddhists do not believe in heaven and hell.

In fact, all Buddhists do believe in heaven and hell which belong to the two of the six realms of existence for all sentient beings, as professed in all Buddhist scriptures. The other four realms being human beings, animals, asuras and hungry ghosts.

And it is the Law of Karma that propels one to be reborn again and again within these six realms, until he attains full enlightenment, i.e. Nirvana, to be able to be detached from this circle of perpetual rebirths.

It is also common to describe one’s state of mind by applying analogy such as blissful as in heaven, or in woeful condition like in hell. So when the Dalai Lama claimed that Tibetans are in “Hell on Earth”, he simply means just that.

Kuala Lumpur.

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