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Najib is last N in “RAHMAN” legend

Father’s Racial Policy May Be Najib’s Undoing at Malaysian Helm

By Shamim Adam

March 20 (Bloomberg) — Najib Razak was a teenager when his father, Malaysia’s second prime minister, started a program that gives preferential treatment to the ethnic Malay majority. Days away from becoming leader himself, Najib may find that policy shackles his efforts to revive a faltering economy.

Najib, 55, is running unopposed in elections next week to head the biggest party in the ruling coalition, a sure-fire ticket to the highest office. Business leaders — including his brother, who runs Malaysia’s second-largest bank — say the racial program impedes growth just when Najib needs it most.

“He’s got an uphill task ahead of him,” said Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin, an economist at Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur. “How he handles the economic crisis and political developments will show us if he has the mettle and staying power to be leader.”

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Revert to Mahathirism only accelerate the peril of UMNO, threat and intimidation tactics only workable in my parent’s generation.

When I asked a Malay teacher who lectured us on the national integration subject on why 100% students in Muar science boarding school are Malays.

Her answer is air quality in Tanjung Agas is bad for non-Malay students.

My pre-u class with 99% non-Malay students booed her and asked her to stop talking “perpaduan” topic again.

BN and UMNO government can talk about racial unity until cows go home, only idiots will buy in their bullshit.

About 1 million people emigrated from Malaysia between 1972 and 2007, according to the Democratic Action Party, a member of the opposition coalition.

NEP main goal is to “encourage” non-Malays emigrate to overseas and transform Malaysia into a Malay race country.

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