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Penang government misinforms us about

Lim Guan Eng said 1 million HITs since the website was launched six months ago.

From Alexa record, this website is at about 1 million ranking, no more than 2000 unique visitors per day. That is a low traffic website!

1 wk. Avg. (1,204,058)
3 mos. Avg. (898,801)

Anyone with basic knowledge on website shall know a single webpage sometimes has 10 or 100 or more hits, therefore I conclude that number of hits is choosen by Penang government to misinform rakyats.

Unique visitors and number of pageview shall be the yardstick for a website.

The comment board with Facebook account. says:

I was there at the function. There was nothing said about glorifying the site. It is merely stating apoint. It is folks like who are a bunch of wet blanket acting beyond your means. Get your life and facts right? Is it because you didn’t get to do the website?

Those people think DAP gang is embracing democracy, freedom of speech, etc. shall see how they react negatively when we rakyat condemn them for wrongdoing.

LGE and his gang keep using “1 million hits” to misled people that their website is a truly a hit. That is a misinformation campaign!