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Island Penangites are parochial stock

Chow Kon Yeow was talking cock as a cunning politician. Jff Ooi from mainland is considered outsider for island penangites, he will never be welcomed by these local politicians.

With the present way DAP penang under LGE running Penang state government, they can pack up and leave in the next election.

My lesson learned as a decade long resident in Penang island is do not find any island penangite as your business partner unless you want to be cheated and betrayed.

Chow: I’m the one who should resign, not Ooi

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said he should be the one to step down instead of Penang Chief Minister’s chief of staff Jeff Ooi if the performance of local councils in the state was not satisfactory.

“He need not make such a sacrifice as he is not the state executive councillor holding that portfolio,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He said it would not be in line with the state government’s CAT (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) policy if a person who was not heading the state Local Government Committee resigned because the performance of local councils was unsatisfactory.

“Ooi should know that he does not have to resign because of other people’s weaknesses,” he added.

Ooi, who is Jelutong MP, announced on Wednesday that he would continue as the chief minister’s chief of staff until he completed several tasks entrusted to him. His announcement followed speculation that he was resigning and reports that he was unhappy with local councils.

“As the state exco member in charge of local government, I am sensitive towards local government happenings and problems. I keep tabs on all comments in the press, and respond if necessary as I have to be proactive,” Chow said.

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