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Another nonsense from Dr. Koh

He and Najib shall set the KPIs for ministers, not other way.

How about a minister establishs a KPI of using toilet to 1 hour, and tell Dr. Koh his ministry is meeting all KPIs at the end of the day.

This is not KPI if a target is too loose or meaningless to performance and expectation of the rakyats.

Ministries must submit KPIs within a month: Dr Koh

KUALA LUMPUR: Ministries have 30 days from now to submit preliminary Key Performance Indices (KPIs), said Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Minister in charge of unity and performance.

Dr Koh, named Minister Thursday in the new Cabinet lineup, said that he had already held talks with six ministries, so far, and expects to talk to all ministries by early next week.

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John Doe says:

If you don’t know, let me explain,

The first submission that Koh tsu koon mean is for him to know the said ministries target.. not to measure their KPI themselves.. i am sure if you work in the top management corporate company u will understand better how this KPI thinging apply. its have been proven to major player in state why not here?

Dr. Koh asking ministers to submit their own KPIs is a wrong step. He shall work out with ministers to establish a suitable KPI system and then Najib shall set the KPI targets for his ministers based on a proper benchmarking study

KPIs are not set arbitrarily, a good KPI system must beachmarking to a gold stadard. Singapore and Hong Kong governmemts have implemented KPI based Six Sigma program long time ago.

Anyway, a local bumi consulting company copied my article and presented it to Malaysia govvernmet as theirs. These people are totally shameless.