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Racial riot in Pekan Nenas?

A total media blackout on this incident in The Star.

Racial harmony is too delicate in this country. A small quarrel between students from different races can be instigated into a racial conflict for no reason. Obviously, there is a dividing line and distrust sentiments amongst the races.

I did remember an incident during my form 5 in Sungai Mati Muar, two groups of Chinese and Malay students in a class of art stream were fighting until all tables and chairs are ruined into pieces. The racial incident was never reported to higher authorties by the school. Those students involved in the fighting were advised to keep silent to anyone.

You can see many hidden racists are still exsit in this country from the comments in this blog.

This man was asking crowd to cool down

This man was asking crowd to cool down

Father beats teacher during scuffle
Tue, Apr 21, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

PONTIAN (Malaysia): A schoolteacher was beaten up during a scuffle with a parent who had come to the school to complain about a problem involving his son.

The incident came off a misunderstanding among several students at the school in Pekan Nanas on April 17.

One of the 13-year-old students had gone home and complained to his father about the problem which led the father to go to the school yesterday with several men.

The scuffle ensued when the male teacher tried to prevent them from entering the school at 1.40pm.

Johor CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Datuk Amer Awal said the father had been arrested under Section 447 of the Penal Code for trespassing while the students’ misunderstanding was being investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing hurt.

The comment board with Facebook account.
New millionaires says:

China is currently the richest country in the world and she need more brains to further enhance her growth into the 22nd.century.

Opportunities don’t come often, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are still many commercial and industry jackpots waiting to be claimed.

koko says:

That is why we need to abolish vernacular school, so that children can be friend one another and understand one another!

More racial conflicts will happen IF we allow younger children mixed around at too early stage because their racist parents from NEP generations would like to intervene into petty quarrels among children as what happened in Pekan Nenas.

Mixing after primary school level is better timing with more matured students, unfortunately UMNO Nazi government decided to isolate Malay students in the boarding and matriculation schools. That is the root cause of racial polarization.

Malaysian government can run a small scale experiment based on meritocracy system,

– Vernacular and national primary schools having co-curiculum and sport activities under one roof. (Wawasan school is an example)
– Form 1 to 6 students under one school and taking same exams (SPM, STPM or matriculation).
– Entry to universitty based on result. All undergraduate students in a same university, no more sending students to overseas for undergraduate courses.
– Only top students are selected for overseas graduate level studies.

I let you chop off my head if there is still got racial polarization issue in this group of students.

Whether Malay and bumi students can compete or not are entirely depending on their mindset change. As long as bumi students realize no more life jacket for them, they will study as hard or harder than non-bumis and will achieve same result or even better than others.

If UMNO nazi carry on with today’s system, I guarantee waiting for handout mindset in the bumi will be remained for next 100 years.

Of course people like me will tease you people are lazy and living in cocoon. Take my word, Vietname and China will overtake Malaysia by 2030 (or 2020) if no fundamental system change in Malaysia.

What shall I care about 2030? By the time, Chinese is less than 5% of Malaysia population and I probably no more in this world.