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I was wrong to assume Malay folks take cleanliness as a way of life

When I was in kampong, I admired Malay houses with good cleanliness compound. I always assume that Malay people take good care on personal hygiene and house cleanliness as a part of islamic teachings.

But recently a few young Malays (I mean below 30 years old) moved in to my next unit after foreign workers gone back or missing. They keep the rubbish including food leftovers in the common public area shared with my unit for weeks. Besides stinky smell, the food leftovers are scattered all over the place.


These people are worst than Bangala in term of self-discipline and living harmony with others.

Can someone tell me this is isolated case or general trend where new Malay generation is deteriorated to such as a pariah standard unlike their parents and grandparents?

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