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Ahmad Zahid, your ancestor was honest and believed in “janji itu kota” unlike you

There is a Malay proverb “janji itu kota” meaning we must fulfil our promise to others without failure.

Ahmad Zahid, your army should crushed the communists in the battlefield as Sri Lankan army did on the Tamil Tigers. Why Malaysian government chose to negotiate with them in the rountable in 80s and be dishonest in fulfiling peace agreement signed with Chen Peng?

Malaysian government has to consult our ex-soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the jungle before inked the historical deal in Hatyai Thailand with the communists, not after the event. Too many flip-flop in your decision especially on agreement witnessed by Thai government does not earn you a good reputation. Who is going to trust Malaysia for any agreement signed by BN government after this incident?

Land for communists was given by Thai government under the pact of peace agreenment. This show that Thai government is more trustworthy than Malaysian government.

Chen Peng and his comrades were fighting against Japanese Imperial Army which Ahmad Zahid has selectively forgotten as our history textbook. British betrayed Chin Peng and other leftists during the cold war for ideological reason. Be a communist does not mean he/she is less patriotic than anyone of us except they are in the losing side in the war of ideology.

Government rejects efforts to allow Chin Peng’s return
By : Patrick Sennyah


The Defence Ministry rejects any effort to allow former communist leader Chin Peng to return as this would not augur well for those responsible for the nation’s security.
Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it would also create uneasiness among the family members of more than 50,000 policemen and soldiers who lost their lives fighting the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

“If we allow him (Chin Peng) to return, there will be unease among certain quarters. This has nothing to do with racial sentiments, but a sense of patriotism among soldiers who have retired or are still on active duty.

“There are ex-soldiers who have asked me why a communist who had surrendered was given land, while those who had fought for the country’s independence did not enjoy such a privilege,” he said after launching a programme at the Seri Perkasa National Service (NS) camp in Mantin, near here.

Zahid was commenting on a statement from Penang Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan who called on the government to reconsider Chin Peng’s case and allow him to return to the country on humanitarian grounds as he was no longer a security threat.
“We strongly object to his return. Since members of the armed forces are not allowed to speak up as they are in uniform, I, as the minister responsible, am voicing out their feelings,” Zahid said.

On another issue, Zahid said Indonesia was interested to study and follow the NS programme in the country.

He said the Indonesian ambassador, whom he had recently met, told him that they would like to recommend the use of this programme in their country.

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