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Malay ultras are cohorting Najib 1Malaysia with 1Sekolah

Today they propose 1Sekolah with Malay language as only language used in the school, tomorrow they will call for 1Potong with islam as only religion for all Malaysians.

How about 1President campaign to demolish nine sultans and replaced with President from ralyat? How about 1Rakyat with only Malay is written on the IC?

Once Malaysians decline to observe social agreement signed by our ancestors during the independence like Malay calling for 1Sekolah, Chinese calling for 1President, etc, be prepared to have another Sri Lanka.

The freedom of speech does not apply when the subject is constitution, a founding stone for Malaysia.

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Pok Mae KB says:

“PAS government in Kelantan allows pork to be sold in the open market. This is a punch to UMNO fascist policy.”

Saya di KB. Hujah di atas adalah tidak betul. Tipu.

Mustahil bagi kerajaan ulamak PAS Kelantan utk benarkan keadaan sedemikian. Najis Babi TIDAK di jual secara terbuka. Bahkan, kedai jual arak juga di hadkan dan dibenarkan beroperasi di beberapa kerat kedai kopi Cina lama di tengah bandar dan di ceruk-ceruk terpencil jauh dari penglihatan masyarakat.

NK Khoo, kalau nak berdebat, gunakan fakta sahih. Jangan tipu.

Ini gambar gerai menjual daging babi di KB, berdekatan dengan ibu pejabat PAS.

koko says:

–>“Kami menyeru agar gejala Sekolah Vernakular ini di hapuskan secara total”

–>Yes, hapuskan saya dahulu sebelum sekolah vernakular dihapuskan secara total.

Tak perlu hapuskan kamu,… bilangan kamu sudah semakin berkurangan!!

Of course, every non-bumis know UMNO nazi imported several million Indonesians to make up the number. But sorry to say many “native Malay” themselves revolt against UMNO. Indeed native Malays shall worry more on Indonesian than Chinese because our number is declining while Indonesian is skyrocketing.

I have no problem to support and live under PAS government as long as PAS government is fair, no corruption and no discrimination against minority.

PAS government in Kelantan allows pork to be sold in the open market. This is a punch to UMNO fascist policy.

koko says:

Are blind, stupid, idiot or what?!!! Abolishment of vernacular school does not mean that Mandarin/Tamil cannot be taught in National School? What is so difficult to mingle with other races? How can you say Malaysia Malaysian when you live segregated?!!! The only person who are racist is YOU!!! And don’t talk about suing, etc, cause the freedom of speech in the internet can work for you and it can work against you too!

My neighbor is Malay, how could you say I live segregated?

Vernacular students make more friends with other races when they enter secondary schools unlike some monkeys are isolated in the boarding schools after PMR and SPM and mixed around with own people for their entire learning cycle.

I thought islamic study is also good for race integration, that shall be a compulsary subject in the national school. Mind you, be sensitive when you pray in the gahterings in your national schools. Besides language factor, islamization of the national school turns away many non-bumi parents.

MARA university shall be abolished first. Monkeys in MARA got friends from other races?

There is no racist to defend their language as given in the constitution, otherwise Thai Malays are racists as me.

I am waiting to be sued or to be arrested under ISA for my own safety by calling Najib, the God father of Malay ultra.

4RAKYAT says:

dear admin

those who are baying for our blood and hollering for us to balik tongsan –
i wouldnt call them monkeys…
that’s an insult to monkeys.


Monkey only got 3 years human intelligence level, that is fitting to some people here.

I avoid using pig in name-calling since I still respect islam, otherwise they condemn and issue fatwa against me for insulting their religion.

I tried to read Mandarin version Al-Quran when I was in form 4.

Anyway, I do not equal Malay to Islam or vice versa. In my opinion, many UMNO Malays are not qualified to be called Muslims. I prefer to call them fascist or Nazi gang.

4RAKYAT says:

i) dismantle barisan nasional. umno especially.
ii) malaysian non-malays should learn to speak bahasa more frequently. it’s our national language.
iii) sek keb have jatuh standard tremendously since the 70s… that’s why even some malays are sending their children to vernacular schools. it has nothing to do with ‘race’. it’s education. pure and simple.
iv) back in the 60s and 70s…chinese vernacular school memang tak laku because sek keb was top standard…then the decline started…
v) let new liberal malays (and non-malays) help our back-ward malay and indian friends. ok, chinese too…
vi) happy ever after comes only AFTER barisan nasional (esp umno) is totally eliminated. not before.


In 60 and 70s, the so-called national schools were using English, only rural Chinese folks were flocking to national schools. The parents of orang kampong still prefer the vernacular schools. In the old days, my school participated in sport games with other neighboring national schools unlike today.

Those monkeys from the primary school until Mara only mixing with their own race. I do not need to say more about them, see all comments from these monkeys are good enough to judge their intelligence level.

No all so-called Malays are speaking “bahasa malaysia” at home, 90% of my Malay classmates are javanese immigrated from Java after independence or during Japanese occupation period, their mother tougue is bahasa jawa. Malays in Kelantan, Terengganu, etc. speak their own dialects at home. More ridiculous is monkey cannot write a proper petition in bahasa malaysia.

Serb regime in former Yusgolavia segregated her nationals into serb, bosnia, kosovo, etc. These monkeys shall asked their Bosnia brothers why only serb people could used the public facilities like stadium and held the government jobs while their muslim brothers were living like second-class non-bumis here.

Did you hear a farmer helping a snake from frozen story? The snake bited the farmer after it recovered. Some backward people are ungrafeful for 40-year NEP, those monkeys afford to drive Mercedes, Toyota Camry, etc. are still robbing resources from other needy rakyats.

admin says:

Monkeys, I sure will “go back” to China, but at my own term. I will transfer and park my money in Hong Kong in response to PM Najib’s look at China policy.

GookBuster v.666 says:

Fuck off you fucking Cina Kui asshole!!!

We know where you are, you stupid moron.

Watch out yellow monkey!!!

Tiu nia mah chao hai!!!

FUCK OFF TANAH MELAYU ……………….. muahahahhahahaaha!!!

Don’t act like a monkey, don’t hide your identity if you dare to threaten me. This is not a true pahlawan Melayu.

The monkeys have terrorized this country by sending live bullets to Karpal Singh, threw petrol bombs to Terresa’s house, etc. As usual Police just close one eye to let them amok.

You shall repeat what Najib said in the Kampung Baru in 1987 afterall this is your true color. At least Najib is a true man who was not hiding his identity and intention to kill Chinese with kris.

The number one Malay ultra now kowtows to Chinese communist, probably to beg China to give more free handouts. As long as China is giving out handouts, whether China was behind the communist insurgency in Malaya is no more important to these people.

admin says:

Sekolah Vernakular (SJKC dan SJKT) adalah punca utama ketidakserasian dan ketegangan kaum di negara kita tercinta.

Pengkajian semula sistem pelajaran negara ini haruslah dilakukan memandangkan fenomena perpecahan kaum yang semakin meruncing di masa kini. Gejala ini amatlah jelas sekali di alam siber dimana segelintir masyarakat kini mempamirkan sikap anti-negara yang semakin ketara dan berleluasa. Jelas sekali, anasir-anasir ini tidak menghormati asas dan prinsip perlembagaan negara Malaysia, tiada rasa cinta kepada tanah air dan juga menonjolkan penulisan hasutan yang mencetuskan sentimen perkauman yang begitu ketara sekali.

The monkey disrespects Malaysia constituition first by calling 1Sekolah and he/she blamed entirely racial polarization issue to non-bumis.

This monkey cannot even write a proper Bahasa Malaysia. Any form one student shall know “di hapuskan” is wrong in grammar. “secara total” is what language? “secara kesuluruhan” shall be the correct bahasa.

The monkey wanted a single language in the school, but ironically the monkey cannot write his/her mother tongue correctly.

“Kami menyeru agar gejala Sekolah Vernakular ini di hapuskan secara total”

Yes, hapuskan saya dahulu sebelum sekolah vernakular dihapuskan secara total.

admin says:

Malay ultras until today still cannot swallowed Chinese and India were given citizenship under the nose of British. They will by hook or by crook try to eliminate Chinese language and culture. 1Sekolah is not their first attempt to eliminate vernacular schools.

tripaly says:

It is sickening to see u defending PAS’ image from being ridiculed but have no qualms in tarnishing islam’s image (judging from your response abt the ‘tick Islam is best kinda answer’ and 1Potong.
Yeah u hate Malays and Islam but u defend PAS because that party reduces and split malay votes.
Let’s face it, u r racist.

U on the other hand have to be careful abt instigating anti malay sentiments. People are already monitoring your articles.
Because you are already implying to abolish the monarchy.

Have u read the memo yet? Of course u haven’t. Because u think your culture is the best in the world hence, the resentment when u see why this land is still not under the control of the chinese.

Chin peng should just die in thailand. Years of killing malaysians will not be forgotten. Just ask any family members of the People that died from the hands of the MCP

Every non-bumi students would tick islam is best religion in the world, otherwise we would flunk in the paper. Who should be blamed for this comical incident? University or non-bumi students?

I have never hide my hatred feelings against UMNO Malay leaders (MCA Chinese leaders in my hated list also) from day one. This does not mean I hate another 95% ordinary Malays.

I did ask our number one Malay ultra Najib to deny he did say “bunuh cina dengan keris” in Kampung Baru in 1987.

Go report to Police on my instigating anti-Malay sentiment attempt. Anyway I have asked DAP to lodge police complaint on demolishing vernacular school memo and a seditious letter in the NST.

PAS members may be overzelous on their religion, but they are unlike UMNO malays who are just another modern day Nazi. At least my islamic teacher said no discrimination policy like NEP in Islam and also no forced conversion to Islam for non-bumis. With these two good reasons, PAS is deserved my support.

Those people sugessting French is a role model for Malaysia shall be sent to jail for implying our Agong should be replaced by a President.

I challenged Malay ultras to dismantle Malaysia constituiton like demolish malay sultans, malay special positions, etc. before they are asking non-bumis to sacrifile their constitutional rights for 1Malaysia. My message to Malay ultras don’t challenge Malaysia constitution selectively. You either accept constituiton as a whole entity or reject it.

Listen carefully, my “taat setia” is only to the King, not PM Najib.

Calling for constituition amendment outside the parliament is a criminal offence.

Dr. Mahathir must be crazy for inking agreement with Chen Peng who killed many Malaysians. Seemed Mahahtir was betraying Malaysians especially our ex-soldiers.
More Malaysians were killed by Japanese Imperial Army, but UMNO Malays have no shame to invite Japan emperor to Malaysia as VVIP.

No foreign countres will believe Malaysia can honest international agreement after Najib threw the peace agreement with CPM into rubbish bin.

I just point out UMNO Malays are hypocrites.

If my Han Chinese ancestors were aggresive like western colonial powers, Ching Ho with his mighthy military power would conquered the whole Asia and Africa. There is no more Melaka in history. Fortunately Han Chinese culture unlike Manchuria is no embracing violence.

admin says:

Since MARA lecturers may not understand what is racism?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is a belief or ideology that all members of each racial group possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as being either superior or inferior to another racial group or racial groups.

I may dislike Islam and Malay culture, but as long as I do not exert my values, culture and belief with force or legal mean on others and blindly to believe my value, culture and belief are more superior than others. No dictionary can define me as racist.

admin says:

Dr. Mahathir must be naive, mad and stupid to sign agreement with Chen Peng IF CPM was involved in genocide like Pol Pot.

These Malay ultras cannot produce a single piece of evidence to prove CPM was engaged in the genocide. My father told me CPM only took revenge against those Malay, Chinese and Indian betrayers who were working for Japanese army in torturing rakyat.

More funny is all Malay CPM top leaders are all allowed to return home except Chen Peng.

Since I was a retired soldier, I can tell you a soldier lose his life in the battlefield is just an occupational hazard risk. This is no different with a machinist losing his/her fingers in their job.

Ahmad Zahid, don’t be crying like a baby IF commnunists killed our soldiers in the jungle. You either kill your enemy or being killed by your enemy. This is the rule of jungle.

the bee says:

or just BALIK KAMPONG …can go back to China or Tamil Nadu ….to wherever yr forefathers came from…

Do not tell the world that your ancestors are from the stone. DNA screening can proof without doubt your ancestors were from Yunnan China. Malay custom like baju melayu can be found aplenty in many tribes in Yunnan.

I am waiting threat to kill me from these Malay racists.

the bee says:

Mr/Ms Nkkhoo, you are one delusional person. You are full of HATRED of anything Malay/Islam. The RACIST person is YOU. You are so full of HATE and CONTEMPT for the Malays that you can’t even think rationally. Yes, you are IRRATIONAL ….and a RACIST BIGOT…Hey, if we put Chin Peng, the big Communist/Terrorist (equivalent to Pol Pot) as the Agong or PM or whatever, will that be good enough for you?

Anyway, I have a remedy for you (and your kind)….surrender your Malaysian passport, go anywhere you like in this whole wide world and NEVER come back to Malaysia……WE DO NOT WANT IRRESPONSIBLE, IRRATIONAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU …..

Damn you !!!

This is the end result of producing monster when you isolated Malay students in the boarding schools, matriculation colleges and MARA University. They have know nothing about respecting other culture, language and religion. Social contracts in the constitution are just a bin of rubbish for them except those clauses concerning Malays.

They cannot debate with fact like this minister, Rais Yatim. The ultimate price is Malaysia lost Batu Puteh to Singapore due to an incapable Malay minister in the government.

When a racist starts calling others as racists, this is a total failure of race-based education system in Malaysia. Luckily more and more Malay parents realized the national schools are churning out many horrible racists like this idiot and sending their children to vernacular schools for better basic education. My primary school’s malay language teacher sent all their children to my school. Some of them outperformed Chinese students in Mandarin.

Do not be surprised Malay ultras are ready to use force to kill Chinese, Indian or even moderate Malays if they cannot achieve their goals through democratic process. Genocide in Rwanda can happen in Malaysia IF we let loose the Malay ultras.

admin says:

FYI, Rocky Bru blog does not dare to carry my rebuttal.

admin says:

I studied at a rural secondary school with 80% Malay students after my vernacular school. We get along with Malay classmates in the secondary school and we are like seeing old friends if we bump on each other in the city even after 20 or 30 years later.

The moment bumi and non-bumi students are segregated into boarding and non-borading school, STPM and matriculaiton, local and foreign university after form 5, the bond and “muhibbah” spirit among students disappear immediately and naturally. Polarization is too common phenomenon in the local universities.

The director of National Unity Institute, who is a Malay appointed by UMNO government is sharing same opinion with me.

Whatever fxxxing 1Sekolah does not help to inculcate unity IF Malaysia under UMNO Malay government is pracitcing apartheid policy. Except in Sri Lanka and Serb (former Yugoslavia), no country in the world is dividing her citizens into two different groups. Civil wars in these two countries are not happened by chance, the real reason behind the conflict is a dominant race try to suppress minority.

the bee says:

Know something? You’re a typical PR person. You know only how to open your mouth to curse and swear and cry and calling people names or calling people stupid. Please don’t be a spoil sport lah! Re read the memo many times till you understand it fully. This is a non political thing. Let me repeat again, it is for the future generations of Malaysia. Don’t cry baby and talk nonsense lah! We want unity not SEGREGATION for our children. We want them to play together from their very tender age. We want them to have the same patriotism in their heart so that they won’t make fun of the country’s symbols like the Negaraku for example. So, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with encouraging unity? And please do not talk about Thailand …this is MALAYsia. Btw, the Malays of Patani are the Bumis there, so it is a no-go for this discussion.

The non Bumis in M’sia came from China, India and Mars and that differs from the situation in South Thailand. No need to look at Thailand actually, look at France as it is more appropriate for the discussion here. When you decide to be “French”, you have to know the French language first, its culture etc and YOUR CHILDREN must GO to the National Schools. There isn’t any vernacular school in France. Any cultural acitivities of the French pendatangs are conducted out of the school hours and premises. It is not without conditions. You won’t get your French nationality if you can’t even speak a word of French or not understanding the French culture etc….and if you insist on having your vernacular schools in France, the French will give you a one way ticket to your Motherland which is China or India or Mars…

Look, before you (and your like) open up your mouth about other things, agree on SATU SEKOLAH first, then we can proceed further …..

Go study anthropology to learn where the Malay is come from? Malay ancestors were not falling from the sky as you like to believe. They were originated from Yunnan China. Most funny is many so-called Malays like Dr. Mahathir, Syed Abbas, etc. indeed from India and Arab.

We shall use orang asli language in 1Sekolah because they are first one residing in Malaysia. They are real bumi like red Indian in America, not Malay.

Thai Malay is never recognised as “bumi” by Thai government or United Nations because bumi is just a creation in Bolehland that still not unversially accepted !!

French got no NEP, first class bumi and second class non-bumi, STPM and matrikulasi, etc. You have no shame to compare French with the stupid Bolehland.

Muslim girls are not allowed to wear headscarf in the school, are you suggesting we shall follow them to ban headscarf in 1Sekolah?

Can you copy 100% French consitution with the head of state is an elected President from the rakyat? If yes, I will support 1Sekolah.

I repeat, vernacular school, citizenship, freedom of religion, etc. are social contracts agreed by my ancestor in return for recognizing Malay special position in public job (3/4 quota for bumi), Malay sultans as the head of state, malay language as official language, islam as official religion, etc.

I have no problem to support 1Sekolah IF Malay ultras also agree to abolish Malay special position, Malay Sultans, etc, OTHERWISE let shut off such nonsense and stupid memo.

Malay ultras call for 1Sekolah today , next they will call for 1Potong (all must follow Islam), and then next they will call for 1Rakyat (all must be called Malay).

Don’t be fooled by Malay ultras under Najib, they are not interested about unity, they are more interested to eliminate non-bumi culture, language and religion.

the mind says:


u was spot man!! people want unity.. pls don’t spoilt it..

Look at Thailand, their government wanted to enforce 1Siam School on the muslims in the Southern Thailand unilaterally. What kind of unity is achieved in Thailand after 1Sekolah was imposed on muslims since 100 years ago?

You shall talk to Thai Malays why they revolt against Thai Buddist government? Thai Malays are worry that their culture, language and religion are polluted by buddist and siamese elements.

How could unity is possible in the Bolehland when her citizens are divided into bumi and non-bumi, pre-u is segregated into STPM and matrikulasi, bumi students are placed in boarding schools and non-bumi in normal schools and every damned thing is based on your color skin.

Only naive and racial extremists believe imposing their values on others can achieve peace and unity. The history has proven this fanatic idea is wrong in any country.

the bee says:

Hey my name is not “admin” May 29th 6.01 pm, my name is “the bee”. Please correct it.

the bee says:

What “changing the constitution unilaterally”? This is just a memo, it is up to the government to decide.

You should read up the memo. I don’t think you did…It is so clear that you have a shallow mind. What you are writing are just lies and provocations. You are also condescending. Please stop trying to ‘terrorise’ all Malaysians with your untruthful remarks…

For all, do read up the SSUS memo properly.

Your comment was missing from the admin panel, I pulled it out from my email.

Can I say “let demolishing Malay sultans” is just a memo or my opinion, it is then up to the government to decide? I cannot find more stupid argument like this.

Malay ultras try to interprete constitution at their own. They call people against their fanatic and racial view as a shollow mind.

This resembled what the Sinhalese politicians did in 50s to discriminate Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

admin says:

Frankly I did not know my islamic lecturers are PAS or UMNO members. I only know they all believe that their own religion is PERFECT and above other religions.

I always scored A in this Islamic subject because I just ticked Islam is a perfect religion kinda answers.

You should show me the proof that Azahari and Nordin are PAS members, otherwise don’t speculative and tarnish PAS’s name.

admin says:

You have better to consult any good lawyer first on whether calling to demolish vernacular school is seditious or not. A Sabahan politician was found guilty for sedition after calling for demolishing vernacular schools in 60s. Do not forget Malaysian judiciary system was fair, professional and independent in 60s and 70s unlike the kangaroo court in today.

NEP is also not stipulated in the constitution, what the heck some Malays advocated NEP is bumi privileged policy?

You cannot see 1President memo because Chinese folk like me is sensitive enough for not calling 1President unlike those Malay ultras under Najib.

Please do not wasting my time and resource on this blog about this topic if you only believe the rule of jungle as what happened in Perak.

tripaly says:

Is the memo for rakyat president etc on existence? Where can I read it? if it doesn’t exist, then u r beiing speculative.

tripaly says:

I can bet my left nut that ur islamci lecturer is a PAS member.
U need to read the memo because u will realise that abolishing vernacular school is not seditious because vernacular studies are not stipulated in the Cons.
Please rwad the memo.

tripaly says:

I thot the 1sekolah campaign specifically said vernacular languages can be learned in elective classes?
Have u even read the memo?

If not, pls stop being speculative abt it. 1potong? Is that meant to be funny? Or trying to create fear among the non malays?

Nothing speculative. Calling for demolishment of vernacular school itself is an unconsitutional and seditious offence.

How about a memo says let have a rakyat president and Malay Sultans are becoming elective heads in the state? Do you think Malay people are not getting mad with this kind of memo?

When Islamic Study is a compulsory subject for non-bumi students in local universities (I was one of them), you will not say 1Potong is a funny thing. When you found out your Islamic Study lecturer was turning into a terrorist in Bali Boming, etc, you will realize 1Potong is a holy goal for some religious fanatics in Malaysia.

Stop all nonsense on changing constitution unilaterally.