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The Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) was supported by Chinese Government, let’s severe diplomatic tie with China

Thank Malaysiakini for publishing my bashing,

It’s true many victims were suffered during the communist insurgency. Without the financial and arms supports from the Chinese communist party, CPM has not survived for four decades.

Chen Peng is just a running dog for Chinese Commnust Party, banning Chen Peng from returning to Malaysia is not enough to punish Chinese government. Let’s severe diplomatic tie with China is more approriate and to make our ex-soldiers happy. PM Najib should cancel the visit to China next week to show rakyat that Malaysia is serious about past history.

How about the war crime Japanese did on people in Malaya during WW II? Did they killing less people than communists? Maybe only Chinese were killed by Japanese army, the emperor of Japan is still welcome to visit Malaysia as a VIP guest.

The fact is British Colonial government killed more Malays than communists. I ever met a few Malay descendants in Sri Lanka, their ancestors were evicted from Malaya for revolting against British. Funny thing is people like Rais Yatim treats Britons like his god fathers.

Prof. Emirus Khoo Kay Kim challenged anyone to substantiate with evidence that CPM did commit genocide on Malay villagers. Rais Yatim shall produce such historical evidence to Prof. Khoo to show that communists are worst than British and Japanese soldiers.

BN government is hyprocritical like local newspapers and politicians, they all are afraid of exposing the truth.

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