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Who is pendatang, bumi or non-bumi?

Some Yunnan tourists complained muzeum in Melaka is copying their costume for Malay exhibits. Local tour guide told them Malay ancestors are just “pendatang” from Yunnan who brought along Yunnan costume to Malaya.

If UMNO Nazi argued Malays are settled earlier than other races except orang asli to qualify them as bumi. This time-based argument also has a bunch of fallacies

I give you an example, the ancestors of Baba Nyonyga were settled in Melaka 600 years ago, in the same period with Melaka first Raja, Parameswara who was a runaway prince from Sumatra. Baba Nyanya shall be undisputed bumi, but they are singled out from bumi status for closely associated with Chinese.

How about some Chinese in Kelantan, a temple in Gua Musang is 500 years old. Their ancestors already settled in Kelantan at least 500 years ago. How many Malays in Malaysia can claim their ancestors settled in Malaya for over 500 years?

How many Javanese Malays in Johor can claim their ancestors settled here much earlier than my grandfather?

How about Indonesian-turn-Malaysian through naturalization process? They enjoy bumi status instantly. Why? This group of so-called Malays are 100% pendatang, at least I was born in Malaysia by Malaysian citizen parents, I suppose to be more “bumi” than them.

Bumi status is nothing to do with time-based pendatang, it is a racist-based fascist policy from UMNO Nazi.

The conclusion is we cannot say bumi is non-pendatang (like former Indonesians) and non-bumi is pendatang (like Baba & Nyonya).

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