Monarchy Democracy >>>

Raja Petra said anti-monarchy is anti-malay

RPK said anti-monarchy is anti-malay is just politically correct in Malaysia only.

Monarchy is not linked and specified to any race in the world history, monarchy system is just one of the political systems created by the humankind.

IF the population in this country is 99% malay, I believe malay themselves will kick out monarchy system like in Indonesia. I don’t believe Malay Javanese in Indonesia anti-themselves for abolishing monarchy system. Because of 40% population is non-Malay, malay monarchy is artifically made or promoted as a symbol of Malay sovereignty solely for political reason.

I do agree with RPK, racists are found in every race, not just from UMNO.

Why new Istana Negara costs RM 1.1 billion?

A lot of people believe is the King asks for such magnificent palace. This is no true.

The real story is Mahathir built a bigger PM office and PM Residence than the palace in Putrajaya. This is considered an insult to Agong, a number one person in Malaysia. Under the attacks from opposition, UMNO Nazi government has no choice but to build a bigger new palace for our king.

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