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Indonesia declares war against Malaysia with hot spots

Indonesian government does not need to send warplanes or bullets to Malaysia, they have been sabotaged Malaysia economic with haze for decades.

UMNO government will kowtow to them because Indonesia is only “friend” to them.

SMS: Ambalat dispute

Fri, 06/12/2009 2:43 PM | Reader’s Forum

Malaysia knows the Indonesian government is weak! Enough is enough!

If only Sukarno were still alive, he would lead us all to stand tall, hold our fists high in the air and shout, “Ganyang Malaysia!”

Komang Saputra W.K.

The Ambalat matter has been a diplomatic issue between Indonesia and Malaysia for a long time.

Besides a strong and determined show of force in that region, we must fortify our negotiators with sound historical, factual and legal arguments.

Our diplomats also need the support of a team of international law experts.

It is time now to force the Malaysians to recognize our sovereignty over Ambalat.

Soebagjo Soetadji

This is classic pre-election posturing! Someone is trying to manufacture a common enemy to drum up nationalistic support.

You can be sure that as soon as the election is over, the fiery Ambalat rhetoric will evaporate and polite diplomatic discussion of this dispute will resume.

Let’s not buy this. Let’s not hate Malaysians just because powerful people want to exploit our nationalism to get elected.

So, to answer the question, the problem should be solved through a calm and fair diplomatic process, not military posturing and “let’s hate Malaysia” campaigns.


Malaysia has been playing chicken with Indonesia for years. Why is the spotlight on it now?

To make the Indonesian Military and older generals look good for the election? Beware!

H. Otto

I find Malaysia such an irritating country. I think they are just waiting for us to give them an unforgettable lesson.

How to solve the problem? Be hard on them! We have been very patient in dealing with the issue.

Anna Suresh

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Nani says:

This is all predicted some 20years ago.

Indonesia Malays are huge gap different from Malaysian Malays.

I suppose one can think why.