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NEP Q & As

Q1: Why NEP was created by Tun Razak?

A1: NEP was created because Malays have pointing their guns on Malaysian Chinese under the name of social engineering after 513 coup.

Q2: Why NEP failed to distributed 30% nation’s wealth to bumis?

A2: NEP did not fail in this aspect, Malay and bumi have controlled over 40% (market share values) nation’s wealth as at today.

Q3: Why NEP is extended to infinity period?

A3: Due to greedy of Malay race. UMNO purpotedly to use “face value” to lower their nation’s wealth to 20% and use this reason to ransom Chinese and Indian forever.

Q4: Why NEP fails to create 1Malaysian with solid unity amongst the race?

A4: UMNO uses divide and rule to segregate various race in the workplace and universities.

Malay students are isolated like exotic animals and be given fisrt class facilities in MARA and boarding schools. Chinese are also partly blame for having independent Chinese school.

Bumi supposed only to occupy 3/4 vacancies in the public service as given by consititution, but in reality Malay and bumis have taken up more than 90% jobs in the public sector.

Q5: Why NEP is ineffective to distribute wealth equally amongst bumi and rakyat?

A5: NEP is benefitting a small group of Malay elite (and Chinese and Indian as well) through black-box operation.

For instance, 5% kickback to minsiter is compulsory for any public funded projects. Another 5-10% commission is given to Malay cronies under the Alibaba business model.

AP is another example of abuse of NEP to benefit a few Malay politicians.

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