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BN government kowtows to employers again

The true reasons our employers prefer foreign workers are cheaper pay and can be exploited.

I thought BN politicians had flew to Taiwan last September to learn how Taiwan migrated from low to high tech economy by curbing influx of cheap foreign workers.

Malaysian government policies are always flip-flop without long-term planning.

Our Bolehland BN ministers are hopeless. Malaysia will remain a third world economy depending on low value-added industries.

Subra: Foreign workers ban may be lifted

TAMIL Nesan reported Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam’s statement that the country’s economy would be greatly affected if the Government continued to restrict the entry of foreign workers for the construction industry.

He said to on Monday that although the Government had asked employers to give preference to local workers, most still preferred foreign workers for their skill and loyalty.

The Government, thus, might have to review the ban, he said.

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