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Indonesian thugs declare war against Malaysia on 8 Oct 2009

These donkeys need decent jobs to feed themselves and their families. High unemployment rate in Indonesia is creating potential social unrest.

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“First, we asked the government to close the Malaysian Embassy here and send all the country’s citizens back home. Second, the government should close our embassy there and send home all the Indonesian migrant workers.

“And last of all, we demanded that the government declare war against Malaysia.”

Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia

Ade Mardiyati

A young recruit from anti-Malaysia group Bendera taking part in combat training. (Antara Photo)
Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia

At this moment in Jakarta, a group of Indonesians are putting the final touches to their plan to invade Malaysia and wage war. Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat has announced Oct. 8 as the date of this D-day, when it says it will avenge all the wrongs committed against Indonesia by its neighbor .

Established during this year’s presidential election, the group, also known as the People’s Democratic Defense, has attracted public attention with its protests calling on Indonesians to “kill Malaysians.” Earlier this month, the group set up roadblocks in Menteng, Central Jakarta, in an attempt to detain Malaysian citizens.

However, the roadblocks failed to net any Malaysians, according to Mustar Bona Ventura, the group’s coordinator. “If we had caught them, we would have sent them home,” the 32-year-old economics student said.

He said the group’s anti-Malaysian stance was not motivated solely by claims that the neighboring country has been busy stealing Indonesia’s culture.

“It’s the whole thing, including the claims on our islands and the abusive treatment of Indonesian migrant workers,” he said. “The breaking point was when they insulted us through our national anthem, ‘Indonesia Raya.’ ”

Tensions between the neighboring countries have reached a fever pitch this year due to unresolved sovereignty claims in the Ambalat waters; accusations that Malaysia has claimed Indonesian cultural heritage as its own, including the Balinese pendet dance, various dishes and batik; a recent offensive parody of Indonesia’s national anthem; and the abuse of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia.

Mustar said Bendera had already recruited more than 1,200 members and expects to sign up at least 300 more. The group said it recruited 600 volunteers in Greater Jakarta alone last week.

“People from all sorts of backgrounds came and registered,” he said. “We have students, farmers, lawyers, fishermen, teachers and many more. Disabled people also signed up.”

The group reportedly has 40 recruits who are deaf, 10 with limb deformities and 10 who are confined to wheelchairs.

Bendera’s seeming enthusiasm for conflict and claims that the planned invasion is going forward is contrary to government warnings: Teuku Faizasyah, a spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, has said the group’s members won’t get anywhere near Malaysia.

“If there are any Indonesian nationals who are intending to go to Malaysia for a confrontation, they will be arrested. It will be impossible for them to enter the country,” he said.

However, Mustar said that self-defense training and black magic spells designed to protect the troops had already been provided, with 150 members taking part in two sessions held at Bendera’s headquarters. The offices are located on Jalan Diponegoro in Menteng, Central Jakarta, an address that was formerly used as the headquarters for the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

“This [training] is to support our people, and we have also armed them with weapons that volunteers donated, such as samurai swords, ninja sticks and sharpened bamboo sticks,” Mustar said. “We really meant it when we said we were going to deploy [troops] to Malaysia to fight them on [Octoer 8].”

Asked how they intended to get their weapons through airport security, Mustar said, “It’s just a matter of technique. But of course we’re not telling you how.” He added that the cost of traveling to Malaysia was being covered by each individual.

He said the group had earlier sent letters to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta containing its list of demands.

“First, we asked the government to close the Malaysian Embassy here and send all the country’s citizens back home. Second, the government should close our embassy there and send home all the Indonesian migrant workers.

“And last of all, we demanded that the government declare war against Malaysia.”

Single mother Yuni said she felt it was her duty to help Indonesia protect its cultural heritage from Malaysia and to stand up for the rights of abused migrant workers. Just last month, she registered as a volunteer for Bendera and said she was ready to go to Malaysia to join the war, even if that meant leaving her three children behind in Pandeglang, West Java.

“Malaysia stole our islands and insulted our national anthem. As a citizen, I am called to participate [in the war],” she said.

She said that if the Indonesian government and military failed to take action, it was up to citizens to take over. “My will is strong for saving our beloved Indonesia,” the 40-year-old said. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Another recruit, Endo Kosasih, echoed her sentiments, saying he was not afraid to die if he had to go to the battle zone.

“It will be the same if you die now or tomorrow,” the 26-year-old said. “I am brave.”

Like his fellow Bendera members, Endo took part in the self-defense training course. He also learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, and said his aim had become quite accurate.

Endo said he had the support of his family and was determined to join the troops going to Malaysia so he could defend the motherland.

“We don’t want our nation to be harassed, our culture to be stolen or [the lyrics of] our national anthem to be twisted,” Endo said.

Mustar said the group had already sent 10 people to Malaysia, to conduct reconnaissance and draw up battle plans. “You could say they are our spies,” he said.

And on Oct. 8, Mustar continued, 1,500 Bendera troops will leave for Malaysia by air, land and sea, although he refused to elaborate. The group also plans to deploy a second batch of troops at a later stage, he said, adding that Bendera would work with Indonesian migrant workers and students in Malaysia to help boost its numbers.

“And once we get there, we will fight furiously in an open war with the Malaysians. Just like the wars you’ve seen on TV,” he said. “For us, Malaysia has really crossed the line.

“And if our government has no courage, then [it is time] we start a war.”

Volunteer Sugeng Widodo plans to leave his wife, who is four months pregnant, should the group call upon him.

“I prioritize my country,” the father of two said. “My wife and children breathe the air of this country. That’s why [I prioritize it].”

Back home in Klaten, Central Java, 37-year-old Sugeng is a farmer but said he had been trained in Jakarta to use arrows and spears. He said Bendera members would also be trained in the use of guns.

He said he was determined to fight and would stay in Malaysia until the issue of Indonesian ownership in the Ambalat waters was resolved.

“We see how our migrant workers are treated and the government doesn’t do anything about it,” he said. “Every citizen has the right to be protected.

“I will fight until the last drop of my blood. That is what I will do to defend my country.”

Asked what the group would do if the planned invasion on Oct. 8 failed, Mustar said they would evaluate and then go back to the drawing board. The main priority, he said, would be to demand the Malaysian government publicly apologize to all Indonesians.

However, he said he was optimistic that nothing would stop the invasion, not even the Indonesian government, and that everything would go according to plan.

“Indonesia will win! Indonesia will win!” he said.

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Dark raven says:

don’t get so confident even when they manage to go in can they handle street gangs on sabah they forgot sabah is famous with gangsterism and thats when we come in to defend our street from this goofballs

Dark raven says:

come lah we all waiting , you use spears and bow omg how primitive are u what kind of tech this guys a “kuno weapon” lol this gonna be a laughable war.

and comming to this country with that kinda weapon is a suicide mission i feel sorry for this arrogant people who think we stole their heritage we got our own original heritage go back to ur poor country shame on you.

oh yeah incase these dumbass didnt know if they want to have war with us australians, ireland , english troops will defend it im sorry your pathetic country have slim chance to win

art koh says:

ok la come and fight…our army needs some practice…all the time relaxing…also good to let go steam…a little distraction good for a h1n1…also some people are too free …they want to do something…

zain says:

I’m a Malaysian who frequently travel to Jakarta & Bandung, my view on this is that what these groups are trying to do is hurt Indonesia more than they want to hurt Malaysia. They are using hate tactics like Bush did on the Patriot Act for Americans.

Before the major Indonesia election I talked to many Indonesian about their stand on who they will vote for and not surprising they are going for SBY. This Anti-Malaysia tactics is only a part of their tactics to bring down SBY, with their stupid comments about how SBY causing the earthquakes (if he’s that powerful they should really be afraid of him) and other nonsense stuff they throw on him to make him step down, I’m not surprised that this is another way to undermine his authority even more.

I live around and with successful Indonesians that’s making a peaceful and prosperous living in Malaysia, some of them who don’t even want to go back ever again (maybe there’s nothing left for them there anymore) that tell me all these ignorant pawns are only doing it because they have nothing worthwhile doing in their lives, the politicians see this as a great opportunity to use them as expendable pawns, create chaos on the streets as they pressure your President more in their luxurious office/home, while these people put themselves in pain and stress over matters that been blown up by politicians who’s doing it while having sex with innocent young girls/boys, sipping from their champagne glasses and laughing as they watch their hate seed grew on TV.

I’m not here to tell you things don’t happen in Malaysia, all the shit happened to the maids, etc. but trust me that it happened to Malaysians too, if I get RM1.00 every time my frustration about Malaysian authority comes up, Bill Gates will be my personal slave. The only difference about Malaysia and Indonesia is (what I love most) that you guys have this policy, “kebebasan berkarya asal tidak mencemar agama”, wish I can say that about Malaysia, there’s a lot to be said about politics, but the only thing I hope is that Malaysians does not react stupidly on this (I know they plant their hate seeds everywhere to get a reaction) because this is what they hate mongers want, for us to react.

Don’t feed this root of evil, let them be and they will die if we look at it as just a political move to create destructive chaos (there’s a beautiful chaos if you’re wondering), don’t hate these people that says they hate us but sympathize on their ignorance, politics does not rule our lives and please do not let it rule our mind. Our planet is sick, there are more urgent matters that we should put our minds and effort towards. Watch this video, listen to it, there’s a lot of language for it.


nameless says:

why not just find those guys who insulted the indonesia’s national athem… and just hang them or some crap… declare war? too much for a “offer” i guess?