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Why FDI shuns Malaysia?

Malaysia FDI dropped 85% last year, a new record in our history.

There are three main reasons behind this,

1. The widespread corruption and red tape in the government. PM Najib himself was shocked when he was told Malaysian officials had rejected 30,000 headcount contact center investment by an Indian company.

2. Although NEP-based foreign investment policy was abolished last year, but the permanent damage was done.

3. Low educational standard. How many % of new graduates in Malaysia can speak good English as their counterparts in Philippine?

Convergys unveils biggest global site in RP

By Tom S. Noda
Computerworld Philippines
October 22, 2009

Convergys opened in the Philippines on Thursday its latest and largest contact center facility in the world, which brings its total number of contact centers to 83 with 70,000 employees.

Located in Glorietta 5 in Makati City, the outsourcing firm’s newest site has 3,500 employees and 2,041 seats with a floor space of 17,000 square meters. It is the company’s 12th contact center facility in the country since 2003.

“This is the biggest facility and biggest in terms of Convergys’ investment in any of our sites around the world,” said Marife Zamora, vice-president and country manager of Convergys Philippines, adding the company is eager to reach its target of having 20,000 employees this year.

The company’s other new sites this year include Cebu Asiatown i3, UP TechnoHub, Nuvali Ecozone and one in San Lazaro, Manila. The latter is located in an integrated leisure and business community near Manila’s University Belt.

Clark Handy, senior vice president for human resources of Convergys, said around 30% of the firm’s total contact center facilities in the world are in the Philippines.

Zamora said the service of Convergys Philippines today is 90% voice and 10% non-voice. The new site provides both general support and advanced technical help desk services to a variety of Convergys clients via traditional voice calling, e-mail, and Web chat as well as “back office” application and document processing.

Handy said the new site is the first Convergys center located within a shopping complex.

“The site selection helps drive Convergys’ growth,” he said, noting better site location, comfortable facilities such as bigger sleeping lounges, additional beds and recliners are all part of Convergys’ strategy to improve its employee-retention program and solve attrition problems.

Handy revealed Convergys’ customers abroad “love the Philippines” attributing this to customer-centricity and the Filipino’s affinity to Western culture.

“It’s the quality of service,” Zamora commented. “Customers say they can hear the smile of Filipino agents.”

Handy reported that based on Convergys’ “client satisfaction service index” – Filipino agents have outscored all the other Convergys agents in the world. On the scale of 1 to 5, the latter being the highest, Filipino agents nailed 4 to 4.02 score cards. “When you score 4 that means you are perfect.”

Handy reported the Philippines is the largest geography for Convergys out of the US. He said out of 18,000 workforce in the Philippines, around 15,000 of them are agents. Globally, he said, Convergys has 55,000 agents out of 70,000 employees.

Catering to various sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, IT, pharmaceuticals, retail and e-commerce as well as direct response, Zamora said each Convergys site is supported by the company’s global assurance network, which enable a site to transfer calls from any of the 83 other sites.

Handy revealed Convergys’ global assurance program is part of the company’s disaster recovery plan.

“We have an international standard facility in our Cincinnati command center and it is open 24/7. We have multiple backup systems and calls can be routed anywhere,” he said. “Our incident command teams do unified command structure. And during the typhoon (Ketsena) here, Convergys never had any downtime or power loss.”

Zamora said most clients of Convergys Philippines are English speakers from Australia and the US. Yet she announced the company will soon start a program under the Spanish module, for the company to cater to Spanish-speaking customers.

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