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Lim Guan Eng is talking nonsense again

Actually I read his speech in the China Press and assumed he is talking cock as usual.

YB Lim, you are a typical nonsense and taking cock chief minister.
That is totally bullshit and a betrayal to this country by rejecting so-called 30 billion investment.

Where the Intel Penang get their 2000 engineers? And 99% of them are Malaysians.

My challenge to YB Lim, I will find him 1000 local engineers within three months with only one pre-condition, that is the minimum salary for fresh engineer must be at least RM3,500.

Gerakan attacks Lim on Penang investment

KUALA LUMPUR: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has come under attack by Gerakan for turning down a RM30bil foreign investment because he “could not commit 1,000 engineers” in the state.

Gerakan Economy Bureau head Wan Sun Keong said Lim should have spoken to the Human Resources Ministry and the Institute of Engineers before coming to such a conclusion.

“The institute has said that it has at least 25,000 members while each year, both our country’s public and private universities produce at least 6,000 engineering graduates.

“We are angry that he has decided to turn down the investment by giving such a flimsy excuse,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the National Delegates Conference here Saturday.

Lim was reported in a Chinese daily to have said in Parliament recently that the Penang government had to turn down the investment because it could not “commit to having 1,000 engineers” in the state.

Earlier, youth members attending the conference also held up a banner criticising Lim as “Nonsense CM.”

Wan said Lim’s decision had not gone down well with people in Penang, who were lamenting the fact that the latter had just simply “let go” of such investment.

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