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Penang is a “Darul Sampah” state not a news to me

dirty penang seaI have seen with my eyes untreated sewage water flow into the Batu Feringghi beach, Sungai Pinang river is clogged with all sort of rubbish, Penangites littering in the public places is a norm, etc. since early 90s.

Ex-PM Pak Lah did say openly no fish can live for more than three minutes in the Sungai Pinang.

Dirty Penang is a chronic issue, more to do with attitude and culture of local people. To blame PR government only is just a political gimmick by BN people.

Nevertheless, Penang PR state government should come out long-term solutions instead of put up more posters to remind rakyat “do not litter” as proposed by MD of Penang Global Sdn Bhd.

Masterplan to clean up dirty spots in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: A roundtable discussion will be held soon among the powerhouses in Penang to come out with an effective cleanliness masterplan to bring back the shine to the Pearl of The Orient.

Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd managing director Ooi Geok Ling has been asked to come up with a cleanliness strategy.

Her mission — to clean up Penang’s beaches, tourist spots, toilets and hawker sites.

“We will hold discussions with the state authorities, Penang Municipal Council, government and non-governmental organisations and volunteers to come up with an effective plan,” she said.

Ooi was commenting on The Star’s article headlined, “Beaches look more like a garbage dump” which was published yesterday.

In the article, Swedish public health scientist Alan Dilani, 52, rapped the authorities for “completely ignoring” the value of maintaining beautiful beaches.

Dilani, who was on holiday in Penang, said the ignorance would not only jeopardise the state tourism but also its economy in the long run.

Ooi stressed that the cleanliness campaign should not be implemented for the benefit of tourism alone but should be made a daily habit among Penangites.

“We don’t need to spruce up Penang for the sake of tourism only.

“As Penangites, we should be proud of Penang and strive to keep it clean at all times,” she said.

She said among the proposals she would put forward would be to place “No Littering” posters at strategic spots, especially at beaches and hawker sites.

Penang Global Tourism Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Penang Develop—ment Corporation, is the state vehicle to promote tourism.

Read the three years old story about cleanliness in Penang.

Dirty Penang -confirmed
13 December 2006 – 5:28pm

Penang ‘still a dirty place’

GEORGE TOWN: Penang, otherwise known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is still dirty.

State Tourism Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow said yesterday that there was little improvement to the state’s cleanliness.

“The general perception among the people is that Penang is dirty.

“We are not as clean as people want us to be… like Singapore, although the republic, too, has places which are dirty.

“There is rubbish everywhere and the toilets are dirty and filthy. Then there are flash floods every time it rains.

“The local authorities must work doubly hard to keep the state clean,” Teng said after presenting lucky draw prizes to 33 winners of the recent Career and Franchise job fair.

Teng felt that the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) was not doing enough, particularly on public toilets.

“We are just about two weeks away from Visit Malaysia Year 2007 but the cleanliness of the state is still not up to expectations.”

On the state’s preparations for VMY 2007, Teng said new signage had been put up to lead visitors to major tourist spots.

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