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Selangor PR government is evil as BN

They disregard the guidelines drawn by previous government and heritage value of natural wonder and Hindu holy religious place.

Batu Caves

No to plans to develop Batu Caves

THE Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is alarmed at proposed plans to convert part of Batu Caves for a high-density housing development.

MNS appeals to the Selangor state government to recognise the importance of Batu Caves as a site for public recreation.

In addition to the main temple cave, Batu Caves is a popular site for tourism and recreation, including adventure-caving in the Dark Cave and rock-climbing.

In 1930, the Batu Caves Hill was reserved as a site for public recreation (Federated Malay States Government Gazette Notification (G.N.) No. 4712-30, part-revoked by G.N. 652-54; and the Selangor State Government Gazette G.N. 312-59), while in 1980, the state government agreed to stop quarrying at Batu Caves and protect the remaining hill and caves.

In 2007, the federal government declared the 272ha Batu Caves Reserve a national heritage site, affirming the status of Batu Caves as a unique site of national interest.

However, in 2008 the local government permitted housing development right up to the base of the Batu Caves hill directly causing high-rise buildings and billboards to obscure the site.

The newly released Draft Selayang Municipal Council Local Plan 2020 zones the eastern part of the Batu Caves Reserve (Kg Melayu Wira Damai Selatan and Kg Seri Gombak Tambahan) as high-density housing redevelopment contradicting the protected status accorded to the site under its gazette.

MNS would like to refer to the Minerals and Geoscience Department’s guidelines that state that houses should not be built within 250m of the base of the hill (to avoid danger from rock-fall and sinkholes).

Should the housing redevelopment plan is carried out it would directly contradict these guidelines, as well as posing a danger to the residents.

The same plan also proposes to put giant “MPS” lettering on the side of the Batu Caves hill which does not seem to serve any purpose other than defacing a natural rock formation for little publicity gain.

MNS strongly urges the authorities to reconsider the plan for housing development inside the Batu Caves Reserve and to manage the reserve in accordance to its original purpose that of which for public recreation rather than housing development.

All unlawful housing or development within the reserve area should also be removed or relocated outside of the boundaries.

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