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Laptop reliability study: HP is the worst laptop

laptop reliability
Source: Squaretrade

I bought ACER laptop many years ago and blacklisted ACER brand for life after very bad experience with my ACER laptop. This study in 2010 shows ACER has never improved their product quality and reliability.

The results of a new study published this week reveal that while Apple’s laptops might fetch a price premium, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a more reliable system.

The study, carried out by SquareTrade and reported over at InfoWorld, reveals that while Apple’s range of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are certainly reliable enough, they only make it to fourth place overall.

In the 30,000 laptops which were part of the study of failure rates requiring after-sales warranty service, Apple was beaten in reliability by Toshiba and Sony. Further, Asus managed to pip everyone to the post, coming in at the lowest failure rate of all – just 15.6 percent of Asus machines required warranty repairs over a three-year period.

Despite Apple’s relatively poor showing – at 17.4 percent over three years – it still managed to beat business staples including Dell, Lenovo, and Hewlett-Packard – with the latter managing an astoundingly bad 25.6 percent projected failure rate over a three-year period.

SquareTrade’s vice president Vince Tseng said of the study that “it’s not really surprising that Apple’s in the middle of the pack,” but that “what was surprising was that Asus came out on top.”

The study also showed the reason for the common 12-month warranty offered by most companies on their products: in the first year, less than five percent of laptops had failed in a way which would require repair or replacement under the terms of the warranty. This had more than doubled to 12.7 percent in the second year, before hitting 20.4 percent – a one in five chance you’ll need to get the laptop fixed – in the third year.

Another interesting statistic to come from the study is that netbooks, by and large, are more likely to fail than their larger counterparts – despite the use of shock-proof solid-state storage in many models. In the first year of use, the study shows that an average netbook is 23 percent more likely to fail than an average ‘budget’ laptop, and a massive 38 percent higher than a premium notebook.

Tseng gave three reasons for the seemingly high three-year failure rate of laptops: “People leave them on all the time, and notebook components are sensitive to heat. Two, they’re portable and take a lot of abuse. And three, they’re more complex than most other consumer electronics devices.”

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Victor Mangra says:

I kinda knew that HP would be top of the list. I also knew that Asus would be one of the most reliable. I was surprised with Toshiba (I thought it would be one of the worst ones) and Acer (I thought it would be one of the best).

I own a HP DV series that makes me want to bomb HP’s office building (it broke down just when the warranty expired) and as I am an IT technician, working for hundreds of different people, I personally came accross HP’s and Toshiba’s more frequently, with many different hardware failures (specially melted GPU’s) and fewer Acers and Asus’. In fact I haven’t seen many Asus’ around (them don’t seem very popular).

These are amazing statistics because Asus is one of the worst motherboard manufacturer’s (for Desktops) and they aren’t even good enough to be the MB enthusiastics pick.

Anyway. I knew that I shouldn’t buy HP already (it was a one-off mistake). Now I know that I shouldn’t go for Acer (one of my favourites) either. I will go for the cheap-and-cheerful Asus. Apples’ are not laptops. Laptops are portable computers that should make possible anything you want to do with them. This only happens with Linux and, less effectively, with Windows.

Geepin says:

The malfunctions rate for laptop published by Squaretrade should indicate the production in to the market also for the same 3 years. Comparison need to be made by looking in to the production and malfunction without that the illustration was not convince enough. Thank you

Squaretrade study is quite tally with my experience on certain brand. ACER is among the worst computer maker in term of reliability.