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TM High Speed Broadband pricing is too high for Malaysians

The excitement of TM high speed broadband annoucement by PM Najib comes too short for laymen in the street.

Why? Below is broadband pricing from M1 Singapore, where TM is a major shareholder.

For home user, upload speed is less important than download speed. Also, firstly let forget Singapore GDP per capita is four times bigger than Malaysia, hence I compare both pricing in absolute value only.

Let compare 5Mbps package, M1 package is RM60 per month, where TM Unifi 5Mbps is RM149 (bandwidth limited to 60G per month) and streamyx 4Mbps is RM268 per month.

In the nutshell, TM broadband service (Take for example, streamyx 4Mbps = [4.5 (price) X 1.25 (Speed) X 4 (GDP) = 22] is at least 22 times more expensive than M1 broadband in Singapore.

This is the hefty price for allowing TM monopoly in broadband service by UMNO-led BN government.

PETALING JAYA: UniFi — Telekom Malaysia’s just launched high speed broadband service — comes in three packages.

Residential subscribers can opt for a 5-megabits per second (Mbps), 10Mbps or 20Mbps connection to the Internet.

The 5Mbps package is priced at RM149 per month, the 10Mbps at RM199, and the 20Mbps at RM249. The subscribers will have to sign on for two years.

Each package also comes with a Dect (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone, a set-top box for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), Streamyxzone ID for wireless web access, and a 2GB e-mail box.

Subscribers will also enjoy synchronous upload and download speeds, unlike with the ADSL service now where upload speeds are slower than download speeds.

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wesley says:

5Mbps the plan is limited to 60GB only and then the price is not affordable for normal user…

Nuruliza Aziz says:

I read about theTM’s New Broadband. I think RM149 for 5mbps is affordable but I don’t like the cap on downloads. Hopefully in future TM will offer unlimited downloads for the same price. Most importantly is that TM improves its service as the current Streamyx is disappointing.

Many average families are still cannot fork out RM149. RM50-70 is reasonable price for Malaysia with USD8000 GDP per capata.