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Winning formula for Pakatan Rakyat

If Anwar Ibrahim wanted to be next PM, Pakatan Rakyat should work harder and choosing right candidates in the next GE.

PR has to win 45% Malay votes, 60% Indian votes and 70% Chinese votes.

Sadly Indians in the rural areas still cannot understand that they have been discriminated and become forth citizens (after Chinese second citizens and Indon third citizens) under the UMNO-led BN government.

PR lose mainly due to Indian votes swing to BN. If 8-10% more Indians are still stick along with PR, PR will win. LGE mishandled Kampung Buah Pala issue has pissed off many Indians.

PKR lost Hulu Selangar parliament seat is not the end of the world. But let BN winning in the next GE is the end for Malaysia, another Philippine in the making.

60% Indians and 30% Chinese in Hulu Selangor are approving racial discrimination policy against them. They are asking for it, please do not blame others.

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