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China fishing armour boat intruded Malaysia water

Why China has to send warship to Spratly Islands?

Chinese government can just bribe Malaysian PM with several hundred million dollars, Pulau Layang-layang will be surrendered to China voluntarily by BN government.

China fishing armour boat

Malaysian military aircraft was patrolling in Pulau Layang-layang

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bao ngoc trinh says:

Dear Friends:

Due to Chinese Communist’s invasion of Southeast Asia’s waters, which has stirred up the regional stability, Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation, a US-based NGO, has started a campaign to call for the replacing of the name “South China Sea” with “Southeast Asia Sea”.

Because of the common interests of 600 million people of Southeast Asia we call for the people of Malaysia to join the campaign. Please spread the word to all Malaysians.

The petition can be read at:

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Bao Ngoc Trinh

I do not agree with the name change. How about proposal of changing Malacca Straits to Malaysia-Sumatra Straits?

Let challenge China claims over Spratly Islands in the international court.