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100 reasons to say NO to UMNO-led BN

Reason 100: Malaysian Constitution was raped repeatedly

Malaysian Constitution was amended for a few hundred times, estimated at 650 amendments in 56 year unlike American Constitution with 27 amendments in more than 200 year’s history.

The real power is shifted to executive [cabinet] after countless amendments on constitution.

The social contract embedded in the constitution is no longer original and diluted. For instance, Muslims are freely to convert to other religion.

The sequence is rearranged after updates.

Reason 99: Amnesty for illegal immigrants is asking for trouble.

Reason 98: 8TV Tasteless and Racist Adv against Chinese.

Reason 97: Malaysia is falling into middle-income trap for its own making

Reason 96: MCA is encouraging race-based system instead of meritocracy.

Reason 95: The report of investigation on Teoh Beng Hock by Royal Commission is a disgrace to judiciary system.

Reason 94: MACC is a total failure of BN government transformation project

Reason 93: Free psychiatric treatments for dissidents.

Reason 92: Malaysia is a new base for Nigeria 419.

Reason 91: High-handed crackdown on Bersih 2.0 Rally

Reason 90: Poor education standard under BN government

Reason 89: No stern actions against Penang blockage by UMNO Youth

Reason 88: BN encouraged Malay right-wing racists to intimidate non-bumi and Bersih supporters.

Reason 87: MCMC blocking file sharing sites

Reason 86: Tourism Ministry RM1.8 million astronomical budget for five Facebook pages.

Reason 85: Sand from Johor was smuggled to Singapore under the nose of Custom

Reason 84: Malaysians subsidize Proton cars in overseas markets

Reason 83: Sarawak customary lands of native peoples were robbed by Sarawak BN and its cronies

Reason 82: RM888 billion black money siphoned out

Reason 81: No open tender for KL MRT, a snake oil project to enrich UMNO and its cronies.

Reason 80: MCA kowtows to Malay samseng, Perkasa and Pekida again.

Reason 79: BN failed in implementing effective flood mitigation in Northern Johor.

Reason 78: MCA and UMNO are insulting Chinese by label them as constitutional gamblers.

Reason: 77: Donation to temple or church and Zakat Calculated Differently for tax purposes.

Reason 76: Malaysians have to fork out 10 billion for UMNO cronies in the KL MRT project.

The good news is KL folks are going to have a new MRT, be ready in the next decade or so. While the bad news is we Malaysians have to foot astronomical bill due to rent-seeking and black-box tender procedures.

Be prepared to add 30% mark-up price on this MRT project actual cost, and the actual mark-up amount can be as high as RM10 billion. I hope you understand mark-up price which is equivalent to money stolen from the taxpayers and go privately into pocket of UMNO goons.

Besides the expected cost overrun in future, the rent seeking practice already robs RM 10 billion from our pockets.

Reason 75: Tourism Ministry practicing double standards on fund allocation to Melaka and Geogetown.(In Chinese)

Both were nominated as a world heritage site collectively by the Federal Government, but there is obvious double standards in fund allocation for the preservation and development of heritage properties.

Melaka is given disproportional big chunk of budget by Tourism Minister for a very simple reason that is Melaka state government is under BN control. Under 10th Malaysia Plan, Melaka is allocated 150 million while Penang is given zero sum.

Reason 74: BN is adopting talibanization

Reason 73: Mazu statue project in Kudat Sabah was halted by UMNO goons

Reason 72: National Broadband Initiatives is discriminated against non-bumi

Reason 71: Public servants loyal to UMNO instead of the government

Reason 70: Police was showing gross disrespect to Sultan Kelantan

Reason 69: Subsidy cuts on essential goods is penalizing poor rakyat and condoning UMNO cronies.

Reason 68: Penan is the victim of BN tyrannical government

Reason 67: Money wasted on JPA and MARA overseas scholarships

Reason 66: Double standards on Suara Perkasa and Suara Keadilan

Suara Perkasa incited racial hatred feeling is at least 10 times more serious than Suara Keadilan on Felda bankruptcy reporting. First one involved criminal charge while the latter only carries civil offence.

Interior Minister let the Suara Perkasa off the hook, but ban the Suara Keadilan.

Further reading: Suara Perkasa let off with warning

Reason 65: Gerakan try to suppress the freedom of expression of the grassroots

Some Ah Peks heckling at their maiden speech in Penang speakers’ corner was manipulated to no freedom of expression in Penang under PR government.

In reality, Gerakan is making itself a fool by demanding no heckling during their speech. They have misunderstood the true meaning of freedom of expression at the speakers’ corner.

I humbly advise Gerakan to visit Hyde Park speakers’ corner or youtube video to learn how to debate in the speakers’ corner.

Further reading (in Chinese): 民政党不了解言论自由真谛

Reason 64: JPA overseas scholarship abolishment only affecting non-bumi

This is another trick by BN to discriminate Chinese and other non-bumis. Bumi students still have tons of overseas scholarship from MARA, Petranas and other GLCs without JPA scholarship.

Let talk about scholarships from the public fund with fact.

BN government awarded 3500 scholarships each year, 2000 is allocated for MARA and remaining 1500 is for JPA. JPA scholarships are then divided into bumi 500 and non-bumi 500.

Therefore, the ratio is 86% for bumi and 14% for non-bimi.

Let say I submit to NEP 30% mandatory share for bumi, 86% is still well above 30% quota.

By abolishing JPA scholarships, the goal score will change to 100% bumi and 0% to non-bumi.

God saves Malaysia with apartheid policy!

Reason 63: Paddy grain price for farmers in Sekinchin is lower than others

Sekinchin Chinese farmers are the most productive rice producers. Malaysia does not need to import rice if all Malay farmers achieve same productivity with them.

Bernas pays lower purchasing price for farmers in Sekinchin for a simple reason, they are Chinese.

Reason 62: GST to suck money from the poor majority

GST is an indirect taxation from those evading and no paying income tax citizens. Only 10% working Malaysians paying personal income tax.

GST is a double taxation if no reduction in the personal income tax rate where middle and upper classes in the urban areas will feel the heat.

In other hand, GST is sucking money from the pockets of the rural middle and lower classes, many of them not paying personal income tax.

GST is a politically incorrect policy!

Reason 61: BN legalized football betting games and awarded its license to a crony

The out of control underground football betting is rationale given by BN government to legalize this sin game.

How about out of control drug trafficking, robberies and snatch thefts in our cities? Should we legalize them also?

Gambling is never a form of culture for Chinese, indeed gambling is a sin in the teaching of Confucianism and Buddhism. Open up 4D and football betting outlets to non-Muslim especially Chinese is an insult to Chinese cultures and traditional values.

Besides, why the license awarding was not done through open tender? Why Vincent Tan’s company was given sole license for football betting games?

Reason 60: Anwar sodomy charges are insulting our intelligence and judiciary system

Police report and prosecution paper against Anwar in sodomy charge V2 are kept secret is a gross abuse of justice principle, no country (may be included China) in the world except Malaysia allows that kind of kangaroo court.

Reason 59: Racial riot 513 is celebrated by the mastermind and Malay radicals.

“Melayu Bangkit” 513 rally in Terenggaru, attended by 513 mastermind, Dr. Mahathir and a bunch of Malay radicals is to threaten and terrorize Chinese that you will be killed and raped again if you support PR.

This fear tactic may work for Chinese older generations like my parents, but no more on the newer generations. I prefer to be killed in the battlefield against fanatic racists than dying naturally at the old age.

Malay-based PAS and Chinese-based MCA have voiced out their opposition on 513 anniversary rally organized by Gertak and sponsored by UMNO.

I support this kind of 513 anniversary rally to remind next generations that do not forget Mahathir, Harun, Tun Razak, etc. who are collectively responsible for racial riot in 1969.

Let’s initiate legal proceedings with International Criminal Tribunal to charge Mahathir for his evil role in KL 513 racial riot.

The mammoth rally was called off in last minute by UMNO goons. They should go ahead to celebrate mass killing on Chinese in May 13.

Ibrahim Ali said,
“Some countries commemorate the Nazi massacre, Israel’s invasion of Palestine or the Serb’s attack against Yugoslavia. They commemorate the dates so that such things do not happen again.

The victims commemorate the dates of their sufferings, not the culprits.

Further reading: May 13 gathering called off at PM’s behest

Reason 58: UMNO goons always threaten Chinese with another 513 ethnic cleansing

Those UMNO goons responsible for KL 513 were escaped from justice and one of them became PM for over 20 years.

UMNO goons learned from KL 513 (also Jakarta 513) that they can kill and rape Chinese to achieve their political objective without being dragged to international justice tribunal.

Further reading: Azhar to face committee

Reason 57: Perkasa is a proxy of UMNO in disseminating Malay extremism and supremacy (ketuanan melayu) ideas.

UMNO under Najib realized that winning 70-75% Malay supports with Malay radical and supremacy idea still cannot win 2/3 majority in the parliament. Whether they like it or not, UMNO still needs the support from 50% Indian and 40% Chinese for a 2/3 majority win.

UMNO is usng two-pronged tactics,

1) 1Malaysia is a bait for getting non-bumi support. 1Malaysia is the political vehicle to cheat Chinese and Indian.

2) Perkasa is the vehicle to win Malay hearts with racist and apartheid affirmative policies.

Reason 56: Perkasa claims Malays deserve 55 percent wealth

Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali claimed Malays deserve 55% wealth because Malays consist of 55% population. A Chinese ulamak goon named Redzuan said same thing in Utusan

Correct, correct, correct! There are 25% Chinese in the world population, we Chinese should get 25% world wealth from Caucasians and Arabians. Luckily Chinese is not the donkey to come out such nonsensical idea!

Malay shares in import AP (approval permit), MARA, Felda, government jobs, police, military, etc. should be reduced to 55% accordingly before we Chinese submit to your “socialist” suggestion. Besides, income tax contribution must be based on the percentage of race in Malaysia to support great idea of Perkasa.

That should be a good deal for Malays? Ibrahim Ali can have four wives to produce more babies for enjoying 55% wealth.

Reason 55: Chinese are always being condemned for ungrateful to Malays

Malay extremists like Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali, etc. always got bad habit to condemn Chinese is ungrateful stock to Malay.

Let rewind the history, British would not allowed Malaya to declare independence without the cooperation from Chinese and Indian.

Even Malays attempted to achieve independence through armed struggle like Indonesians did. The chance of success is slim, they had to fight against British army and Malaya Communist Party.

Citizenship awarded to Chinese is in exchange of Malay special position for their role and cooperation with Malay to achieve independence.

Do Malays own the land by birth as the native people like orang asli? Did Malay Peninsula govern by Malay rulers or sultans from day one?

Both answers are NO.

Malaya Peninsular is a part of Khmer Empire at about 800 years ago, at least 300 hundred years earlier than Melaka, the fist Malay government in Malaya Peninsular. Malay governments ceased to exist after they surrendered sovereign rights to British during the colonial time.

Therefore, Malaya and later Malaysia is a new country after independence with the constitution as her ultimate legal chapter.

Do Chinese are demanded to be grateful to Malay under the constitution?

How about Malay feel if Chinese extremists are shouting loud that Malay must be grateful to Chinese for its special position stipulated in the constitution?

Reason 54: Special position for bumi was manipulated and transformed to privilege right for Malay supremacy.

I cannot find “privilege right” for bumi in the constitution except “the special position” for bumi.

Special position for bumi is to protect economic disadvantaged bumi from unleveled field in the business and education after independence. The intention was never to create Nazi-styled racial supremacy for Malays.

The founding fathers of Malaya (later Malaysia) like Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Cheng Lok, Sambanthan, etc. did not create “ketuanan Melayu” or racial supremacy for Malay race. Insofar, only Nazi Hitler created racial supremacy for Aryan race.

“Ketuanan Melayu” has not just dumped Chinese and Indian under Malay, other non-Malay bumis also deem inferior than Malay race.

Further reading: More than promises needed

Reason 53: UMNO new right wing leaders like Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin put his race above the nation.

His “Malay first, Malaysian next” concept is an eye-opening to the world. Malaysia as a nation is less important for UMNO right wing is not a secret.

Giving away our oil reserves to another Malay-rule nation like Brunei is truly “Malay first, Malaysian next” policy.

Malaysia now is Malay-sia!

Reason 52: UMNO radicals accused Chinese are “pendatang asing” and prostitutes.

The majority of Chinese, India and Malay (actually Indonesian) are “pendatang” before independence is a correct statement.

For instance, Mahathir’s ancestor is from India, Mohd. Khir Toyo’s ancestor is from Indonesia, Abdullah Badawi’s ancestor is from China, etc.

Only orang asli is a true native resident in Malaysia while other races are immigrants. Native people lost the control of their motherland to intruders like Siamese and Malay.

The fact is 99% of millions “pendatang asing” who were granted citizenship are Muslims from Indonesia, Philippines and other countries after independence

These new citizens are granted bumi status while Chinese in Melaka and Penang like Baba descendants with much longer stay history are non-bumi.

Amazingly, Nasir Safar who insulted Chinese and Indian was off the hook with no seditious charges against him.

Appalled by ‘no further action’ against Nasir Safar

Reason 51: The life of Malays is more valuable than non-Malays.

Aminulrasyid Amzah

Trigger-happy police shooting dead innocent people especially Indians often happened in the past. UMNO politicians have never serious about fair and justice probing until a 15-year old Malay youth was shot dead in Shah Alam.

Another Malay youth in the car may be shot dead like frog if he were a non-Malay for police to cover up the brutal shooting incident by planting drug or firearm in the car.

Further reading: Police killings: Malaysians finally wake up

Reason 50: BN appointed historians try to erase Chinese contributions in the history of Malaysia

They rewrote Malaysian history from a very narrow angle and one-sided with emphasis on the contribution of Malays.

For instance, school history text books contained many unsubstantiated and twisted facts against Chinese, one of them is accusing Malaya Communist Party in killing Malay civilians in the kampong.

Malaya University Professor Emeritus, Khoo Kay Kim has openly challenged BN historians to come out with facts to support such accusation.

Many personal archives of Chinese prominent personalities like Tun Tan Cheng Lok, Tun HS Lee, etc. have to be kept by foreign archive body for a simple reason, Chinese is not important in the history of Malaysia.

Further reading: Archive body needs shake-up

Reason 49: Over borrowing to support deficit budget

National debts are growing to more than RM300 billion and exceed a half of GDP, an unsustainable level of development.

Prudent spending on productive activities is alway the core value of Chinese.

Further reading:

My fellow Malaysian, do you know how much your national debts?

Idris Jala: M’sia must cut subsidies, debt by 2019 or risk bankruptcy

Reason 48: BN government sold off 10 billion barrel oil reserves to Brunei for nothing

Blocks L and M at the offshore of the Sabah water were transferred to Brunei under the total secrecy by Abdullah Badawi.

An open question, Pak Lah get nothing from this treasonous deal?

UMNO can do things no one ever dare to do that is selling off Malaysia sovereign right.

Reason 47: Wasteful spending and poor maintenance on weaponry systems by Ministry of Defense

MOD weapon purchase budget is ballooning to 25% of national budget has draining out scarce resources from healthcare, education, housing and public transport.

There are many kickback and over-pricing scandals in the weapon purchase programs.

Incidents like jet fighter engines missing, new submarine cannot submerge, patrol boats over-budget and completion delay, etc. have opened our eyes on low readiness in the military to defense Malaysia.

BN government is exposing Malaysia defense in high risk with poor execution and corruption in the weapon purchase programs.

Reason 46: A bloated, inefficient and expensive civic service dominated by Malays

Reason 45: More and more Chinese believe check and balance bipartisan system

Absolute power yields absolute corruption, Malaysia under BN is no exception. More Chinese wanted to see competition in politics and hope to achieve a check and balance amongst BN and PR.

Reason 44: Pathetic public transportation system in the cities

No private car is needed when I was working in Singapore and still I could moved smoothly to any part of that tiny island without hassle.

I admit that I have never used LRT in Kuala Lumpur during my six years stay in Cheras KL. The nearest LRT station to my home is at least 5km away and no feeder bus to connect my housing estate to any nearest LTR station.

Why opposition-controlled and crowded Cheras has no LRT service? The answer is Cheras is DAP’s territory from day one.

Public transport utilization is declining over years in all cities in Malaysia.

Reason 43: Rampant corruption in the public services staffed by Malays targeted on Chinese.

First, on paper both giver and taker are guilty for corruption which I agree. MACC says if no givers then less corruption. This is a half-true in the context here.

My first-hand experience in applying a motorbike license when I was 16-year says IF no bribe involved, Chinese like me has to repeat four or five tests. I finally got my bike license after 5 tests!

Many Chinese businessmen complained that Malay officials in the public services prefer to ask bribe from the Chinese and not Chinese businessmen themsevles got bad habit to bribe them.

Who on the earth want to bribe if you can get the service free of charge without the bureaucratic red-tape?

Reason 42: Over spending on mosques and no budget for worshiping places for other religions

Extravagant mosques are built all over the country. Just look around at your residential area, you will find a big and beautiful mosque even in the non-Malay majority housing estates.

I’m not against building mosques for Muslims, but its size and design should be within reasonable budget and meeting the needs of Muslim population.

A good example is KL Alam Damai mosque. How many Muslims staying in Alam Damai?

Multi-millions crystal mosque in Terengganu was built for display only, not for prayer purpose.

In other hand, there is no allocation in the budget specifically for worshiping places for other religions. At worst, there is no land planned for non-Islam worshiping places in the Shah Alam master plan. Therefor, many Hindu temples were torn down for so-called illegal construction on the land not for religion purpose in Shah Alam and Selangor.

Reason 41: PM Najib is a two-face politician

Reason 40: Kris brandishing in the public gatherings by UMNO Youth and Perkasa

Only the Malay Sultans and King have the traditional custom of kissing kris during the official ceremonies.

Hishamuddin and Ibrahim Ali were violently brandishing kris before kissing on it is an unfriendly and violent gesture to non-Malays especially Chinese, you will be killed for challenging “ketuanan Melayu.”

Hishamuddin has since apologized for his bad behavior.

Malay extremist Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa has again intentionally to show off his Kris brandishing and kissing act for very obvious reason.

Reason 39: Police/MACC is acting double standards against non-bumis and opposition parties.

Many non-bumi especially Indian detainees mysteriously died in the police lock-up is a form of summary execution and power abuse.

Opposition members often being prosecuted for petty and non-issue matters.

Reason 38: Dana Johor refunded non-bumi investors 50% face value against full refund to bumi investors

My mum is a victim of this race discrimination investment scheme sponsored by Johor BN government.

Reason 37: Poor service in our public hospital

Reason 36: Bumi joint-venture hypermarkets have almost wiped out Chinese traditional sundry shops.

At first glance, hypermarkets seem are doing fair and normal business. In reality, Chinese sundry shops cannot compete with them for lacking scale of economic and bargaining power, but Malay traders still can survive with government annual subsidies.

In the long run, hypermarket chains will be controlled by Malays through JV with foreign companies and petty business will be controlled by Malay small traders.

Reason 35: Government subsidies for Malay traders to kill off Chinese petty traders

Why Chinese petty traders are concerned with annual subsidies given to Malay traders? The reason is simple, Malay traders cut down prices to below cost with government subsidies and forced Chinese traders to close shop permanently.

Reason 34: MARA Universities are claimed to be owned by bumi exclusively

UMNO goons and Mara students claimed MARA Universities are their sole property.

My question is who funded these universities? From zakat or money from the parents of these students. The answer is no.

On what legal basis, MARA universities are owned by bumi?

Fine, I accept special position given to bumi in the constitution, but this does not mean bumi can claim MARA universities are their personal property exclusively for bumi. The highest bumi quota permitted in the constitution is 75%.

The demonstrations by MARA students against Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid on his proposal for MARA Universities to open up 10% seats for non-bumis has awaken many non-bumis that MARA universities are not the right places to educate right-minded people, but instead churn out a bunch of Malay radicals, the future candidates for Perkasa and Talibans.

What non-bumi individuals and companies can do against these barbarians is do not hire graduates from Mara universities.

Reason 33: BN banning Allah usage in East Malaysia

Bumi and non-bumi Christians see this ban is an intrusion to their freedom of religion where Allah has been used in local dialects before Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia Federation.

Reason 32: UMNO allowed Islam conversion by non-Muslims to be used as their safety shield

Chinese people are free and open on Islam conversion for those truly believe in Islam or any religions. I’m sick when some irresponsible Chinese/non-Muslims take the conversion to Islam as a short-cut to run away from his/her legal responsibilities and converted minors to Muslims without the consent of ex-spouse.

Besides, body snatching for dead persons who have never practiced Islamic teachings by Islamic Authorities is another thorny issue.

UMNO-led BN government tolerated this kind of abuse!

Reason 31: Attacks on churches and Christian schools with molotov cocktail by religious extremists

Anti-Christ demonstrations sanctioned by UMNO goons had turned into violence and assaults on churches and Christian schools with petrol bombs.

Reason 30: UMNO cow-head demonstration

The uncivilized and undemocratic demonstration has shown UMNO is a barbarian with no sensitivity on other religions like Hindu.

Reason 29: Leaders of Communist Party of Malaya were treated differently based on the color skin

CPM Chairman, Rashid Maidin was treated as a returning hero with an audience with the sultan was granted while CPM Secretary, Chin Peng was banned to return home permanently.

The Hatyai Peace Agreement signed between CPM and Malaysia government does not stipulated communist members rehabilitation program is based on the color skin.

Reason 28: Pork is treated like contraband with concrete walls are built surrounding pork stalls in the market

The reason given by UMNO is Muslim do not eating pork, the pork stall must be isolated like Pudu Jail for religious sensitivity tolerance.

This reasoning sounds logic? NO.

Hindus do not eating beef and some Buddists also do not eating meat. Why no concrete walls are erected surrounding the beef and chicken stalls in the market?

Kota Bahru with 95% Muslims permit pork to be sold in the open shop without any wall while pork stall in the Pudu Pasar in the Chinese dominated area is forced to be covered will concrete walls by DBKL.

MCA leaders, please explain this special treatment to Chinese community?

Further reading: See Wall is bad for business, claim Jalan Pasar Baru shopowners

Reason 27: All stopovers at Plus Highway only selling Malay or halal food.

We non-bumis who are eating pork have to stop eating non-halal food in the public places for the sake of respecting the sensitivity of Muslims. Ironically at the same time, beef and meat can be sold freely in these places regardless the sensitivity of Hindu and Buddhists.

So do you understand what is 1Malaysia now? 1Malaysia is everything must be considered from the angle of one race only, that is Muslim Malay.

Reason 26: Only China brides have to visit Putrajaya Immigration HQ for visa renewal and application

This is just one of many government policies to discriminate against Chinese whereas brides from other nationalities can apply and renew their visa at state and district offices.

Reason 25: Indiscriminate 5% discount for bumi in house purchase

No one is displeasure If the discount is given to poor bumi to acquire a house, but as usual affluent (I mean those above national average income) bumi also enjoy such 5% discount.

No such discount privilege right is mentioned for bumi in Malaysia constitution. Bumi especially Malays thought this is their right falling from the sky.

Reason 24: Selective prosecution against opposition members.

Chua Soi Lek engaged in oral sex with an unknown lady in the video is non-issue for attorney office while Anwar was charged for sodomy offense twice based on hearsays.

Reason 23: Malaysia kangaroo court is corrupt and bias.

From a same Federal court, but two contradict judgments were passed down on the power of sultan/king.

Case 1: Perak PR government was declared null and invalid because Sultan has absolute power to dissolve state government.

Case 2: Anwar vs Mahahtir on illegal dismissal him as a deputy prime minister. The case was dismissed because PM has discretion power to fire his cabinet members. Our king has no power on the appointment of cabinet ministers.

The power and position of sultan and king are ridiculed and played out by Federal court to ensure UMNO/BN always the winner.

Reason 22: Selective law enforcement against Chinese and also Indian hawkers

Malay traders or hawkers can do business without license in the kaki lima, roadside, walkway and they are tolerated as long they are UMNO supporters.

In other hand, Chinese and Indian hawkers will be harassed and arrested for conducting unlicensed business immediately.

I’ll post pictures and GPS locations for those unlicensed Malay stalls in my neighborhood as solid evidence.

Reason 21: Chinese are angry over the cool -blooded murder of Teoh Beng Hock under the nose of MACC.

Only idiots believe Teoh was committed suicide under the tight custody of MACC. UMNO goons thought Malaysian Chinese will chicken out and vote for BN if they do no want to be next Teoh Beng Hock. But Hulu Selangor by-election had proved Chinese are not deterred by terrorist tactic used by UMNO.

Reason 20: Altantuya’s murder and her body was exploded to ash

Any conscious human being would not condone such inhuman murder by two policemen.

The real mastermind remanis a free man in the high position job.

Reason 19: Mat Rempit running wild problem is still unsolved

UMNO Youth condoned Mat Rempit wild behavior on the road is perplexing to many Malaysians.

Reason 18: Crime is too rampant in the Bolehland.

Three family members of mine are victims of crime in last five years. I was robbed in Cheras by a group of Indian robbers, my mother’s gold chain was snatched by an Indonesian (or a Malay) in Muar and a Malay robber tried to rob my elder brother in Johor Bahru.

I had managed to escape while my brother had beaten up the robber with a few hard punches.

How many Chinese families not falling into the victims of rampant crime?

Reason 17: Chinese are too shame to associate themselves with a party led by a porn star.

Chua Soi Lek should retire from politics for good sake. I do not deny he is a strong leader except his personal life has made him a tainted leader.

Low moral leader should be rejected at all costs.

How do you explain to your grandson that a moral tainted person can be a leader in your community?

Reason 16: MCA is a self-serving party for its leaders only.

The leaders of MCA is self-serving and corrupt with no interest to serve Chinese community. PKFZ scandal is a tip of an iceberg on how corrupt MCA leaders from top to grass-root level.

A real case, MCA leaders in my kampong allocated low-cost houses to themselves and resold to poor villagers for a profit. One of them is driving high-end Mercedes Benz millionaire.

MCA is no longer irrelevant and representing the interest of majority Chinese

Reason 15: Systemic discrimination against Chinese students in the government schools.

I was studied in a rural secondary school dominated by 90% Malay students. My name was inscribed on the SRP top scorer honorable board for a certain year in 80s.

My name was never submitted to science boarding school by my Malay headmaster for a simple reason, my skin color is different with him.

My case is not an isolated case, there is systemic discrimination policy against non-bumi (or specifically non-Malay) students for opportunities in the boarding/residential schools, scholarship, etc.

I had refused to be appointed as school representative for any science and math quiz competition as my silent protest during my form 4 and 5 years in another Malay rural secondary school.

Reason 14: Poor quality and limited education opportunity for young Chinese.

A friend of mine in Penang decided to emigrate to Australia last year for a better education opportunity for his four sons. PR loses six votes!

Besides the quota system to restrict Chinese in the public universities, Chinese parents have great concern on the quality of education in the local public universities.

I’m a qualified person to speak on the local universities because I was a poor kampong folk admitted to a local technical university in 80s. The academic standard was pulled down drastically to pass a majority Malay students to achieve NEP-exam passing quota.

Go interview local graduates to see whether my comment on low quality of local graduate is untrue and baseless. Of course there are a few exceptions.

Reason 13: Dual educational system for bumi and non-bumi

Bumi students are entitled for first class facilities like residential school, MARA Junior College, etc.

Reason 12: Secondary school sciences and maths are taught in Malay language

Chinese (as well as many Malay and Indian parents) objected using English for science and maths at the primary school.

Reverted secondary school science and maths to Malay language is UMNO way of pleasing right-wing Malays.

Further reading: A compromise is possible on using English in Maths and Science

Reason 11: 1 Public University, 2 Pre-U Examinations

Under the name of long overdue NEP, BN government implemented two pre-u exams, STPM for non-bumi and Matrikulasi for bumi.

As usual, UMNO goon says both are same in academic standard by assuming non-bumis are stupid and brainless as them. My question is why should we have two examinations to segregate her people if there are same standard?

STPM and Matrikulasi syllabus actually is different, meaning BN government is comparing an orange and an apple. In another word, STPM is different with Matrikulasi.

Chinese has no envy to see 100% Malay students studying in the public universities IF they are truly smart and assessed in a same examination.

No doubt, NEP-trained Malays are smart to cheat, but still no smart enough to pass STPM examination.

Reason 10: Chinese primary schools are bastardized by BN

I look at our constitution, Chinese is free to learn and use mandarin or their languages. There is no dispute on Bahasa Melayu is our national language, but still cannot relate it to Chinese schools getting only 50% subsidy for its development costs.

English status is like Mandarin, both are no national language. English medium schools were fully subsidized by Federal Government before the nationalization in 70s while Chinese primary schools only a half subsidized.

BN is playing up 50% subsidy issue to force Chinese voting them during elections. This tactic works initially, but being a permanent beggar has pissed off many Chinese.

Reason 9: Chinese schools are blamed for racial disunity in Malaysia by Malay right wing.

Reason 8: Independent Chinese School’s academic qualification is not recognized by BN government.

Reason 7: Natural resources like oil are wasted and stolen by BN.

Reason 6: Acute unequal and unjust wealth distribution

Reason 5: UMNO labels Malaysia Chinese is richest race for political reason.

Reason 4: BN rent-seeking system is a daylight corruption which cost taxpayers 20 billion RM a year.

Reason 3: Privatization is morphed into “piratization” to steal and rob national wealth by UMNO and their MCA and MIC cronies.

Reason 2: 52 billion shares allocated for bumi since 1971 were unaccountable and missing

Reason 1: Chinese are too fed up with 40-year old never ending NEP.

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My family will boycott Umno becaue we are cheated by Genneva. a devious scheme endorsed by Tun M!

Fernando says:

Let Perkasa stand in the elections and see how poualpr they are. They can always apply to join the Barisan after that.If they are really poualpr, Najib should learn a lesson and change his pandering-to-the-Chinese course at the expense of Malay and Bumiputera interests. Najib and Muhyiddin have scolded Chua Soi Lek but it’s not sufficient to stunt the daring acts of sabotaging Malay interests that include the nasty proposal on Bumi housing discount and the flagrant call for the abolishment of the 30% Bumi equity.The risk though is that Perkasa standing in the elections might split the votes to the opposition favour. It has to be skilfully done, selecting constituencies where such would not happen. It’s not easy to do that because nobody has a clear crystal ball in many constituencies.If only the Malays can be united so that the others will not exploit the situation to the extent of daringly making the nasty proposal on the Bumi housing discount and atrociously calling for the abolishment of the 30% Bumi equity. Under the circumstances, I like Major Rambo’s idea in his comment to the previous post that the Army may have a role to play.I hope to ear more from Major Rambo and his friends.

黑面 says:


芯心 says:

Here are some recent examples why we should say NO to BN:

1. Making of a film on May 13 to demonise DAP;

2. Misuse of the National Day celebrations;

3. Downplaying the serious issue of crime rate;

4. Continuous harping on the Talam Corporation issue and creating an issue out of water in Selangor;

5. Trying to drive a wedge between PAS and DAP over the hudud issue;

6. Kelantan oil royalty payments issue; and

7. Ignoring Bersih’s demands and allowing in more foreign workers.

Terence says:

A good list. Somehow no janji to resolve the issues?

Sanchez says:

another solid reason – break the monopoly (interesting link u should read n highlight to some of your ignorant die-hard mca fans)

shirley says:

Being a victim of racism, I have to remind Dr 20% that his father was an Indian, as such he should respect his ancestry by practicing meritocracy and not favouring one race only. His educational background as a well-learned Malaysian should have taught him good karma in life. Instead, he chose to be different by polluting the minds of the ignorant Malays who could not gain access to the political truth due to heavily censored media, to go against the non-Bumi. He played a significant role in brain-washing the Malays by blaming the Chinese & Indians for pilfering the wealth of the nation leading to the bloodshed in 1969, a tragedy which saw thousands of Chinese being butchered. What about the FOREX scandal and the fact that he purged the whole judicial system to ensure that he was the boss and an autocrat? Suffice to say that the twin-tower project funded by Petronas as well as The Bakun Dam were a waste of money, stolen from Sabah and Sarawak. Yet he was accorded the “TUN”title, which makes him immune to prosecution. The unlawful ISA that he was so fond of gagging the opposition did not bode well with the human rights organisations. Victims like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, James Wong, Karpal, Anwar Imbrahim and others can relay to us how unlawful, violent and scary this Act can be. He was also responsible for thousands who died while being tortured under police custody, a crime which he had never been charged with, let alone compensation for the loved-ones of these unsung heroes. Being an octogenarian now, I hope he will have a clear conscience for wrongdoings and leading Malaysia towards dictatorship, where corruption is part of the equation of DEMOCRACY, the Mahathir way.

Manja says:

Umno mengajar MCA cara guna tektik Seks untuk menjatuhkan imeg Lim Guan Eng, sebagaimana Umno guna tektik kotor ini untuk merosakkan nama baik DSAI. malangnya MCA tak ada maruah sampai boleh membuat kegiatan tak bermoral ini. Memang memalukan!

ethan says:

UMNO/BN has failed to maintain social harmony, religious tolerance or integrate the various ethnic groups and culture.
With the latest Perkasa attack on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Najib and UMNO have in essence given the green light for all pro-UMNO individuals like Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali and groups like Pekida, Jati and of course Perkasa to continue their blatant efforts to creating DISHARMONY in our society. UMNO-BN politicians are also being encouraged to do the same.
The outright brutality against civilian protesters at the Bersih rallies and the harrassments against Ambiga, the butt excercises by ex-Army officers and the latest call to “hang Ambiga”are only more proof that UMNO has lost its way long ago.

pywong says:

Good research. Some of the links not valid, especially M’kini.

admin says:

You have to subscribe Malaysiakini for accessing its old articles.

^.^ says:

UMNO is the root of trouble in Malaysia.