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Gaming is not a Chinese culture

I refer to opinion by YC Chong in “Gaming not haram for non-Muslims”.

I disagree with him that gaming is an entertaining pastime for the majority Chinese in Malaysia. Gaming or betting is never a morally correct thing or culture for Chinese from any religion background.

Culture is something being taught and inherited from generation to generation.

Did Chinese parents teach their offsprings to gamble or play 4D?

If yes, gambling is Chinese culture.

If no, gambling is unwanted social ill.

Besides, there is no such concept of haram or not haram for non-Muslims. It’s ridiculous to assume haram for Muslims mean not haram for non-Muslims. His argument is in fallacy in the first

Legalize gaming or gambling by the authorities does not make a sinful thing to sinless. And the basic moral value of Chinese new generations living under the legal gaming environment will be slowly eroded who may wrongly assume gamble or betting is nothing wrong MORALLY as YC Chong.

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kee says:

hi khoo, i really cant stand Star, so after reading your comments in Anil’s blog, i wrote to the Star and asked the editor why he didnt publish your letter and yet they chose to publish that damn article by chong.

In fact, i did read that letter by Chong earlier and i was thinking what rubbish he was talking and yet Star published it.

We actually cant expect much from the star as it belongs to MCA ya? i no longer waste RM1.20 to get that paper.

Nice day !!!

Kee, I believe many people wrote to The Star after reading junky letter from CY Chong.

Malaysiakini did better job to publish pro and anti sports betting news and letters.

I had boycotted The Star printed version long time ago, only read its online free version until they act more professionally and neutral in many issues.