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Another BN donkey speaks up that government is BN property

The government’s money is from sky? Malaysian government is not owned by BN or donkey Chin.

BN is just a trustee to administer our taxpayers’ money and we rakyat can appoint PR or anyone to be trustee for our government.

Peter Chin, you better go back to school to study Malaysia 123 before you open your mouth again.

Chin flays ‘ungrateful’ folk

MIRI: The lack of gratitude shown by some urban voters in Sarawak towards the ruling government worries the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

SUPP organising secretary Datuk Seri Peter Chin said there were people who had forgotten what the Government had done for them and now they wanted to bring it down.

“Who gave them jobs? It was the Govern-ment. Who provided hundreds of millions of ringgit every year to build roads, houses, schools, health facilities, basic amenities like water and electricity for them?

Traditional moves: Chin doing the Iban Ngajat dance during the Gawai gathering in Miri on Saturday.

“Was it the Opposition parties who did all these? Of course not. It was the ruling Government.

“SUPP feels very sad that these forgetful and ungrateful people do not look at the good things we have done for them,” he said at a Gawai Dayak gathering here on Saturday night.

Chin, who is Miri MP and Minister for Energy, Green Technology and Water, said the ‘’ungrateful people’’ blindly believed and supported the propaganda of Opposition parties.

He said he wanted the urban people of Sarawak to ask themselves what they could gain by bringing down the Government.

“The Opposition parties blame the Government for everything. They are always negative.

“They find fault all the time. They find issues to play up to fire up anti-Government sentiments among the people.

“They deride government leaders, criticise every decision we make no matter how much benefit we bring to the state and country.

“They run down the ruling government at every given opportunity but they never stop and think about the peace and stability we are enjoying and who was responsible for keeping this country safe,” he said.

Chin said it was high time that the urban people change their anti-establishment attitude, recognise the good the Government had done for them and show their gratitude during election time.

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